Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Abercrombie Dress You Have to Have

Listen. I'm just as shocked as you are that I've been shopping at Abercrombie. I hadn't been into one of their stores since freshman year of college - about the time A&F became decidedly uncool to me. You remember how 10, 15 years ago the brand had their logo prominently displayed on anything and everything. It was the same time period when having "JUICY" splashed across your bum wasn't just accepted, it was the epitome of a generation. I mean who WERE you if you didn't have Juicy track suits in at least 3 different colors....getting a smidge off topic here but I digress, Abercrombie has made a blip on my radar.

And you absolutely need the Cold-Shoulder Maxi Dress I bought in the 2 colors they had. Mind you only the cream one is still available (navy is back in stock CLICK HERE!) and it's no wonder why. This dress is perfection! I adore it. The layers, the flow...it's lovely. And it's on SALE now for $46. Down from it's original $78. 

Abercrombie 'Cold-Shoulder Maxi' CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

As I've been shopping A&F recently, I discovered that they throw sales ALL. THE. TIME. I became a member so I could rack up points for all my purchases which in turn rewards me with $10 credits. And those $10 credits are great when you're already scooping something on sale. I got these dresses last month and paid about $38 each with their sales and promos. Make sure you sign up for their emails! I took the next step and downloaded their app because it's worth it.

I'll leave all the denim, bodysuits & swimsuits I've bought there for another post....yes, Abercrombie is that good.

Abercrombie 'Cold-Shoulder Maxi' in navy - sold out in this color (BACK IN STOCK. CLICK HERE!)

Happy Shopping & Saving!


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