Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Satin > cotton isn't exactly a groundbreaking proclamation. Nevertheless, a lot of you have been waiting to hear my thoughts on satin and silk pillowcases. I happened to find a bunch of satin pillowcases at Marshalls. On a whim, I bought pillowcases from 2 of the brands that Marshalls was stocking. 

MAJOR TIP: Do NOT buy the pillowcases by a brand called "revive". They suck. Not only do they feel like shit. They are shit. After one wash, they both had holes where the seams had easily come apart. They retailed for $14.99 at Marshalls....DO buy the other brand I've seen permeating their beauty section. I believe it's called "Morning Glamour". So far I've been using & washing the satin pillowcases by Morning Glamour for about 3 months, just fine. Excellent quality. 

So, when you're bargain-shopping at Marshalls, keep that major tip on what brand to buy in mind so you don't waste your time, money or patience!
Okay, so let's discuss results. So far, my experience using these satin pillowcases has been stellar. I love them! I can't go back to our cotton ones...bae can have them. It's satin for me. Now, obviously I would love to get silk cases but they are significantly pricier. So, for now, I've settled for these satin ones and they seem to be doing the trick. 

I have found that the best and most obvious benefit from using satin pillow cases is how it seriously extends my blowout. Which limits my reliance on dry shampoo. It really does wonders for my hair. The satin, as opposed to cotton, helps keep my hairstyle longer because there's a lot less oil buildup. My hair easily glides against the slick satin, letting it breathe, which also cuts down on breakage. Whereas cotton holds my hair in place while smothering it in trapped hair & facial oils. 
Another supposed benefit from the light slick texture of the satin is it helps guard against pesky, inevitable facial wrinkles! Sign me up. Ask me in 10 years on the wrinkles-claim!

The satin allows better air flow than cotton. So, you'll notice you probably won't overheat as much while you're sleeping as you would with cotton, which traps the heat your body produces.....totally sounds like I'm shitting on cotton. Not true. I just prefer to use satin for my pillowcases now that I've experienced the difference. I just sleep better on satin. It feels so nice on my face and I think, facilitates me falling asleep faster.

So, I'm sure if these satin pillowcases are working wonders on my hair then I can only assume silk ones must be amazing....till I decide to splurge, satin it is! And speaking of satin, I've linked my satin pajamas below. Because naturally, these are a must while you wait to splurge on silk jammies too.


*Both sets are from online retailer, Missguided. For sizing references mine are a size 4. Although I could easily take a 6 and and 8 if I really want a baggy look. When I got my pajama sets, it was during a site-wide 50% OFF sale. SCORE. Missguided has sales ALL the time, so sign up for their emails to be in the know!



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