Friday, May 26, 2017

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Every so often one of my lovely readers will shoot me a message or comment on instagram, asking me if I know about something called "like-to-know-it". If you're an avid instagrammer, then you more than likely have a pretty good idea or have at the very least heard of "like-to-know-it".

For those unfamiliar, is an app that you download and how it works is it allows you to essentially shop certain influencers outfits via instagram. As the app has updated over time, now you can screen shot an influencers outfit and the shoppable links from his/her outfit will appear in your email. Presto! Now you too can wear what you favorite blogger is wearing, right?

Absolutely. Assuming your favorite blogger/influencer is a part of the group.

So, you've seen these posts on instagram, especially if fashion is your cup of tea. Numerous bloggers/influencers posts will give an easy indication that they are part of the family by simply stating it within their photo captions, hash-tagging #liketoknowit or just simply tap their photos and the "liketoknowit" tag will invariably pop up...

As you can see in the example above, @pamhetlinger not only tagged "liketoknowit" but she also tagged Stuart Weitzman to let you know the designer of the lovely sandals she's wearing & subsequently talking about in her photo's caption. So, here she is giving you the option to check out Weitzman's website yourself in search of the sandals OR you can screen shot her photo and have a link to the sandals sent to your inbox for your shopping convenience. I like that @pamhetlinger is giving me the option...

Back to the point now, and the purpose of this post. Hopefully this will answer your questions as to why you do not see my posts affiliated with this particular network of influencers. Some of you have been surprised to find out that is part of rewardSTYLE. And they are, for lack of a better word, picky upon whom they select to enter their world. And I do not fit the bill. Plain and simple. They don't think enough of my readers are actually shopping my looks... and rewardSTYLE are monetization platforms that are invite-only.

Meaning if you are a blogger/influencer and you have enough reach social-media wise, these platforms will invite you to join their exclusive network and monetize your instagram feed. So, earning a commission every time someone shops your outfit from instagram.

Years ago, when rewardSTYLE was new, I applied. And I got a very quick rejection letter that said thanks but maybe try again in a few years....because according to their research, algorithms, etc. my social reach was not within their parameters for acceptance.

Think of them kinda like a sorority....and I was never the sorority type anyway.

But let's keep it real here, in my honest opinion, I find "liketoknowit" posts super annoying. HOLD UP! Don't get me wrong, I'm not crapping on influencers for making money. What pisses me off are the girls who ONLY tag "liketoknowit" in their posts and NEVER tag the brands of what they are wearing. Essentially forcing you to download the app, so you can screen shot their photos and then have links to their outfit sent to you. And then they in turn get paid as soon as you purchase via their link. 

See the following photo for a perfect example of a post that is vague in that even though I know it's a Nike shoe, I wouldn't know where exactly she bought her pair on sale because she opted to not tag the retailer, just "liketoknowit"....

I have unfollowed or decidedly not followed a lot of bloggers simply because they NEVER tell you where they got what they are wearing, which is supposed to be what their blog or website is about, typically. It's like they feel that if they tag the brands or the retailers, then it defeats the purpose of monetizing their instagram feed.


Then, there are the girls I follow who not only tag "liketoknowit" BUT also tag the brands. And I like these girls. Because they get it. To me these are the girls that are not just "in it" to make money, but to also spread their fashion sense and style without asking for something in return. Could that be hurting their "bottom line"? Possibly. Slightly. Doubtful in my opinion. Because they reap other rewards, which to me are important in the long-run for the longevity of their brand. 

As you can see above, I now know where her top, skirt and shoes are from. Just by tapping her photo. I am more inclined to follow an influncer who tells me where she got what she is wearing as opposed to an influncer who chooses to be vague. If every time I tap your insta-photo to see what brands you are wearing ONLY to see "liketoknowit" every time, I'm going to unfollow. That blogger/influncer just lost a potential reader, fan, shopper....

While I openly think is annoying, I'm not blind to where I cannot see its perks. For those who do not have time to shop or search the internet for their fashion needs, solves a lot of issues for people on the go or just simply the not fashionably-inclined. For these individuals a shoppable email that pops up with links to exactly what they want is genius.

So, does this answer your questions as to why you do not see "liketoknowit" attached to my posts?? Obviously I know you guys love my outfits and are always waiting to see what I wear next...AND that's why I ALWAYS tag every single brand I am wearing!! My website is about shopping and saving first and foremost. And that's why I tag my brands so you too can shop, save and still look fucking fab. 

So, as always, just tap my insta-photos and you'll know exactly where I got what. And you all know you can always send me a snapchat, comment on insta, facebook or email me if you have questions or need help with your wardrobe woes....I'm always at your service. 

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