Saturday, March 25, 2017

Links to my latest Shoes


Purchased sometime last year, it's no wonder these rosy velvet wonders remain a popular AND still available item at ZARA. The perfect bootie that easily went from Fall to Winter to Spring! $49.99 and at last check, all sizes are available. 

True to size. I'm typically a 7, so in ZARA lingo, that means I always buy the 6 1/2.


Nope. Not Stella. Not $900+ Because let's face it. While these stacked puppies are deliciously fun, they are super trendy. And come next year, maybe even next season, I might not be so into this look anymore. Not to mention, $900 for shoes? Woof. Love you Stella, maybe in my next life though baby.

So, at SheIN I scooped these for $37. SOLD. Done and Done. True to size. I'm a 7 and the 37 fits fine.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! basically once I discovered those flatforms on SheIN, I couldn't help but snag these rosy-pink, velvetty, faux-fur lined loafer slippers. Because these were only $33. I have no self-control at these prices. These are not GUCCI honey. And I do not care. Once again, $900+ for slippers? Not worth it, even if I could....and if the GUCCI gods ever read this they're going to tell me to fuck off.

Anywho, these not gucci's are soft, comfy and I haven't taken them off. Yes, these are coming from somewhere in China. God only knows how they were made. And yes, they smell funny out of the guess what? I kinda just don't care. There's honesty for you. If the shoes truly sucked, I wouldn't bother showing them to you or linking them here. Once again, true to size. I am wearing a 37.


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