Saturday, February 4, 2017

I have always wanted a red door.

Perhaps a little cliche but truth is I really have always wanted a bright red front door on my house. And bae made it happen just in time for Valentine's. I was surprised when he told me to pick out a color! So exciting! But as is the tendency with home improvement projects, the new paint job ended up extending past the porch to  the indoors and all throughout the interior of the house.

So while painting yourself can be lot's of fun and cost effective, a job like this is really done best by professionals. And Gehrels Custom Homes was who we went with. Based out of the SF Bay Area, they obviously do a hell of a lot more than just perfect paint jobs. Remodels and new construction are their primary business. If you follow the blog, you might remember that Gehrels Custom Homes did the lower level, kitchen remodel at my parents house this past Summer. So, choosing them was a no-brainer.

I didn't have to lift a finger. The painters arrived before they were supposed to every morning. And prepped the house without me having to move furniture or inconvenience myself trying to put things away or move things to the center of the room. They took care of all of this. My entire house was covered in plastic and the floors were covered up too. No spot was spared. I didn't have to worry about anything getting ruined. Pictures on the walls? They removed them and covered them. Rugs? They rolled them up and covered them. And the best part was they put the rooms back together pretty much exactly as they were. I left the house every day at 7 and came back around 5. The house was done in less than a week.

The painters are meticulous. Clean. Fast. And so good! My beautiful crown molding gleams all throughout the house now. The walls have all been freshly painted a slightly darker hue of the original gray I had. And my front porch is poppin'! Literally. Boring entrance into our home, no longer! I absolutely love it. Red is always a good idea. Be bold.

Choosing colors from Kelly-Moore, I ended up on: Lolita red for the front door. Whitest White for the crown molding and the front porch. And Sterling Water gray for the interior walls. I fell on this color scheme because I was and have always been inspired by this rare photo of a geisha I have hanging in my office. The photo is by photographer Lisa Kristine.

Shout out and thanks to GCH - Gehrels Custom Homes for the fabulous job. Fresh new start for a fresh new year!

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