Sunday, January 15, 2017

Maybe it's Maybelline.

Yes. I got these products freeeeee for testing & reviewing purposes. But this is my honest opinion. And opinions I definitely have. So, the new Big Shot mascara is just your regular old mascara packaged in a must-have gold bottle. The mascara is really no different than the majority of mascaras currently out on the market. 

For real though. How much more volume, plumpness, longer lashes, etc. can they deliver? Has there been some major mascara formula break-through? Nope. So, with all that said, I do like the mascara. It does the trick. But more so I'm all about that gold packaging. It definitely stands out in the vast sea of options. 

I don't have any improvements to recommend other than to MAYBE stop trying to push out yet another "NEW" mascara that really has nothing new to it other than the pretty packaging. Just say it for what it is. Guess what everyone, our mascara is still the same great stuff but behold our fabulous NEW GOLD BOTTLE! For real. A lot of times, I will buy a product simply because I'm attracted to the packaging. Who cares what's inside?! Ha! So maybe next time, Maybelline, just keep it real and say you're introducing a fun, new bold bottle. I'd probably be more inclined to buy it. Just sayin....

Maybelline's new liquid liner is what really stole the show here. I was lucky to receive this to test out and I'm SOLD. SOLD! It's magic. I love this liner like whoa. Finally. After all my searching, fits of anger, cursing....I can do a cat eye in seconds. Instead of the 30 minutes + it typically took me. I'm not very make-up savvy so liner has always been a little bitch with me. The Master Precise Curvy liquid liner fits in your hand easy, with a pen-like grip which facilitates life. Then the magic tip is shaped so you literally cannot eff this up. Well, you can always eff it up but Maybelline has made life so much easier with this product. You hold it like a pen and draw on your liner in a cinch. Trust me. You need this.


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