Saturday, October 29, 2016

They Design. You Customize.

Something new....

 I realized this piece c/o was versatile enough to be worn as a duster or a dress. It was sold as a dress.

from dress to duster....

So, what's the deal with First of all, what does the name eShakti even mean?? "Shakti in Sanskrit means 'power.' " And what eShakti aims to do is give you the power to customize ANY style you see on their website. 

" clothes as shown in the standard sizes from 0-36W - or you can have them customized to your specific size with your selection of neckline, sleeve and length. It is your choice and it is easy, fast and affordable."

It's a great concept. Have any of you heard of or tried out eShakti before? What do you think? I feel like all this dress was missing was pockets. But other than that, I like it. Looks lovely on & a versatile piece is always good in my book.



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