Thursday, June 9, 2016

something extraordinary...

In a world where everything is easily accessed on our cell phones at an instant's notice, there seems to be little need for the antiquated wrist-watch. I mean if I'm too busy to even glance at my phone to reference the time, I can now talk to my phone and ask her what time it is and receive a response accordingly. It's 2016. I expect nothing less.

Personally, I've never been one to wear a watch on the regular. Even before the technological advances of late. I think I probably just asked people what time it was, expecting they had a watch. And come to think of it, I have a nice, pretty, sparkly watch sitting in my jewelry box...she rarely makes it out.

Well, if you've been following me on social media lately, you've been noticing me wearing a wrist-watch. And it's not flashy and sparkly. It's actually hardly noticeable at all since it kinda blends into my skin tone. I actually discovered a watch that I love to wear. Every day.

JORD Watches fell into my lap and at first glance I paid them no attention until I realized that these watches are made extraordinarily of 100% wood. I was intrigued. Always on the hunt for something unique and cool, I was more than happy to check out the 100% Maple wood "Cora" series in silver. And she does not disappoint. Spectacular. These luxurious watches are truly that. From the packaging (which is a wooden keepsake box of course) to the actual product, I'm thoroughly impressed. You can actually see the watch ticking away with all its tiny parts, on the underside of the watch. 

When I first received the watch, I happened to be hosting a dinner party that night and the watch quite literally became the showpiece. Everyone wanted to look at it...especially the GUYS...

Which brings me to Father's Day. And you're thinking, ugghhh...I don't know...a watch is so typical. But no my friends. Not this watch. These are not typical. And what a truly cool present to give your dad, your husband, your brother, your son...whoever! Hell, scoop one for yourself while you're at it. Because no doubt when you actually see the watch in person you're going to have to have one. JORD also provides custom sizing (with an easy way to measure online) plus they'll send you the extra links in case the sizing is off. AND order by June 14th to get guaranteed delivery in time for Father's Day.

Everything has been thought of and these watches make an elegant, freakin cool gift....dare I say I want another one....I mean you know, for my different moods! :)

The "Cora" watch is now a part of my daily accessory arsenal. And not just because it looks cool...I can actually tell time now when my cell phone So, major gracias to JORD Watches.


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