Monday, March 21, 2016

My Latest Beauty Product Must-Have List

I'm sure most of you have noticed that, as a blogger, I get sent a lot of product to test or simply just to wear and promote along with my thoughts. And admittedly, it's a pretty sweet exchange. 

Because of these blogger relationships, I've been able to try out and learn about all sorts of products - new ones and brands that have long been solidified in the market.

If you follow along via my various social media channels, then you know I'm definitely not some amazing cosmetics guru, filming magnificent makeup tutorials. 

I'm devastatingly basic, only when it comes to makeup & mainly because I've always worshiped at the alter of "less is more". 

So, I've curated a little list of a few of my favorite products that you'll find me using every day. And since I'm constantly trying out new products, this list is comprised of my most recent favorites.

1. Lancome - Beauty Sleep Perfector. Major shout-out to Bloomingdale's for bestowing this night-time gem upon me. I have to say this bedtime ritual has got to be one of my most decadent and quickly becoming my most important one. I love how it feels. And it may just be me, but if I think I look flawless when I wake up because of using it, then it's done its job.

LANCOME 'Visionnaire Nuit' Beauty Sleep Perfector $88 - CLICK to purchase!

2. Trish McEvoy - Trianlge of Light Eye Mask. Another product Bloomie's introduced me to. For years (if you've been following me long enough then you'll know) I've endorsed another brand of under-eye maintenance. But truth be told, these Trish McEvoy triangles blow my previously used brand out of the water! Not only can you seriously feel them working their magic, but the simplicity of removing them from their packaging and putting them on is A+++ all the way. 

The brand I previously hailed (Eyes by ToGoSpa) were admittedly a little hard to pull out of their packaging and oozing with goo that made them, at times, difficult to stay on your face.

These triangles are perfect in every way. And yes. You really do see a difference after using them.

Trish McEvoy Instant Solutions Triangle of Light Eye Mask $68 - CLICK to purchase!

3. Dior - Instant Cleansing Water. Honestly, could not be happier to have been given this treat. Because I have a HUGE tendency to skip taking off my makeup after a night out. And this Dior cleansing water is just that. NO water needed! Just grab a cotton pad or a small cotton face towel and use this stuff to take away all traces of cosmetics and dirt. Probably THE most gentle formula I've ever used. Easily takes off my eye makeup without stinging or leaving oily, greasy residue. NO BRAINER here.

Dior Instant Cleansing Water with Lily Extract $38 - CLICK here to purchase! 

4. Garnier Fructis NEW "Grow Strong" System. The timing on this series touching down on my front porch was impeccable. Around Thanksgiving last year, I went back to being a brunette after wading liberally into the platinum blonde pool. And as you can imagine, my hair paid a price for that bleached-out Summer look. So, after coloring it back, chopping off inches, it's time to start the healing process. I feel like I can never go wrong with Garnier. Been using them on and off since college. Always makes my hair silly soft and that smell....Mmmmmm...I would literally buy Garnier just because it smells THAT good. So, here's to hoping the NEW "Grow Strong" system does just that. So far, so good!

GARNIER "Grow Strong" system $3.99-$6.50 - CLICK here to purchase!

5. Miss Dior 'Blooming Bouquet'. Need I say anymore? The newest scent from Miss Dior is 'Blooming Bouquet' and it's everything. Needing a new scent for Spring? Look no further than your closest Bloomingdale's and treat yo self. You deserve it. Can you ever go wrong with Dior?

Miss Dior 'Blooming Bouquet' scent $100 - CLICK here to purchase!

6. Pre de Provence 'Rose de Mai'. My current bedside situation is all about roses. One of my favorite scents. Thanks to Bay Area beauty mecca Peninsula Beauty for introducing me to this series of products. Very girly...very pretty...very French! OUI! I keep the Rose de Mai scented hand cream and oil by my bed as part of my night-time ritual.

Pre de Provence 'Rose de Mai' oil & hand cream $14.99-$19.99 - CLICK here to purchase!

7. GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment. Haven't heard of GLAMGLOW? Then you better get it together sister! GLAMGLOW treatments are some of the best out there. Top of the line. Yes, they tend to be pricey. Yes, it's worth every penny. Thanks again to Peninsula Beauty for getting me hooked on GLAMGLOW's white jar of Supermud masking treatment. Hardcore, amazing mask that does its duty to exfoliate and prevent clogged pores while soaking up that oil and working on those blackheads. Leaving your face even-toned and soft to the touch. Can also be used as an awesome spot treatment to dry up acne FAST.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment $69 - CLICK here to purchase!

8. Karuna Anti-Oxidant Face Mask. My boyfriend's lovely sister gave me this mask as a xmas present and then it sat in my bathroom for months because it's so good I didn't want to use'm crazy. And then I found the perfect Sunday to lay around leisurly and finally give this mask a go. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. So very relaxing. It's one of those face masks that's a piece of fabric or sheet if you will, infused with vitamins and minerals. You just simply place it on your face, lay back and let it do its thang. Baby face status when you're done. I approve. Find them at Sephora.

Karuna Anti-oxidant Face Mask $28 - CLICK here to purchase!

9. LANEIGE - Water Sleeping Mask. One word: addicted. I don't know if any of you have taken notice, but Korean beauty products are the latest wave taking over the marketplace. And not being one to be left behind, I hustled over to Target...yes, Target, to buy the LANEIGE mask that you sleep with. I saw it in one of my various magazines and had to have it. Target is the sole vendor for this Korean product line. And I think that's awesome for Target, amping up their status in the beauty product category. And awesome for me and you because WHO doesn't love spending copious amounts of time in Target. So, wash up, slather this mask on your face and neck and go to bed. Presto. I found that if I was having a potential break-out coming on, sleeping with this mask on prevented the break-outs from surfacing! Thank you Korea!

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask $24 - CLICK here to purchase!

10. WELLA Professionals. Another line of products I was introduced to by Peninsula Beauty. I've been using the WELLA dry shampoo and sugar lift for my hair styling and I really, really like this line. I don't know why, but I feel like these products aren't heavy, greasy, smelly or just plain bad for my hair. I really feel like I may be helping my hair by using these during styling. They have a light, airy consistency and a light scent that I can appreciate. Some styling products have strong scents and leave behind sticky, flaky residue. But with WELLA, we have a winner indeed.

WELLA Professionals Dry Shampoo & Sugar Lift $18.99 - CLICK here to purchase Dry Shampoo OR Sugar Lift!

11. MARC JACOBS 'Velvet Noir' mascara. I was thrilled when Influenster sent this over to test. The NEW MARC JACOBS mascara is major. First off, the hexagonal bottle. I'm a sucker for packaging. But more importantly, easy, perfect application. I've been using this for months now. I love it. Long, luscious lashes. No clumping. Fabulous just like the designer himself.

MARC JACOBS 'Velvet Noir' Major Volume Mascara $26 - CLICK here to purchase!



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