Monday, June 8, 2015

Pink Hair

So, I've blogged about this little gem before. But it's something worth re-visiting. Scunci hair chalk is how I've been changing the color of my hair. For a day. And then right back to the way I had it. Because hair chalk easily washes out in the shower.

I prep my hair with dry shampoo. Texture = chalk color sticking to the hair. Basically, clean hair won't hold the color as well as slightly oily hair.

Scunci made the chalk applicator like a hair straightener - you run the straightener over your hair, over and over. The harder the more color. Obviously. You'll figure it out as you use it. It's pretty basic. The chalk color palettes are interchangeable. I use hair spray liberally to hold the color and style.

You can find this product at CVS stores.

I wore a dress and shades from Target.
Watermelon clutch by Kayu.


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