Saturday, March 7, 2015

When your shoes are cooler than you are.


My shoe game has been on point lately. And it's all thanks to Miista, hand-made in Spain but based out of Hackney, London. This brand is on fire. Recently I saw a selection pop up at Urban Outfitters and now they're being sold by the shoe store of all shoe stores, Nordstrom

I am 1000% obsessed with Miista shoes. Unique and superb quality. I plan on adding many more styles to my wardrobe.

The striking iridescent brogues seen on me above are the "Zoe Opal" style. And they are every bit mesmerizing in person as they are in photos. If you're wondering what size you are, Miista shoes run true to size. This particular color/style combo seems to be completely sold out everywhere! And I can't say I'm surprised. These shoes are the ultimate conversation piece.

My chic mules with a touch of gold on the heels...perfection. Miista "Kimberly" style. Available for purchase HERE!

Stay up to date with Miista. New collections and re-stocking updates. Always cool stuff.

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