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Finally. A peek into my home. A remodeling project that has been ongoing since last year. A completely new kitchen and bathroom. Fresh paint. New light fixtures. New sliding door for the living room. Much has been done to update this house that got stuck some time in the 60s...











The Details:

Kitchen granite counter tops are Sensa by Cosentino granite. The color granite I chose is called "Delicatus Ice" and the slabs were picked out at a Sensa granite vendor located in San Francisco.

The back splash in the kitchen is composed of white subway tiles. Purchased from Lowe's. TIP: Always buy more than what you think you need. Accidents can happen. Changes might need to be made. Either way, you want to make sure you have plenty material for the future. Ya neva know!

The wood flooring throughout the house was purchased from lumber liquidators. TIP: Another place where you should always buy more material than you need at the time. Especially  from lumber liquidators. Their name says it all. They are liquidating lumber. So, what they have in stock is what you get and if you clean them out, that's it. Good luck getting more. We encountered this situation because my floors had been done about 5 years ago. However, when we redid the kitchen and pushed it out into the dining room a couple feet, we needed flooring to cover that change. It took months of trying to match the floor to the new panels that had to be ordered. And that was a headache all on its own...especially when Lowe's ordered the wrong color, twice!

Kitchen cabinetry was designed at our local Lowe's. Took about 4-6 weeks for production and delivery. And we had a general contractor do the installation. 

The sleek cook top, range hood over the cook top, the sink and disposal and the dishwasher were all purchased from Lowe's and installed by a general contractor.

Refrigerator and microwave were purchased from Meyer Appliances.

I kept my oven, washing machine & dryer because they were white (which matched the rest of the kitchen) AND more importantly, they were all still in perfect working condition. And when you're working within a budget, don't fix it if it ain't broke!

The lighting in the kitchen was purchased from Home Depot. Brand is Hampton Bay. We used these light fixtures in the kitchen, the pantry, the entry way, the hall, and the bathroom. Each fixture is about $95....so, it helped when Home Depot screwed up my order and sent me DOUBLE what I ordered! Yeeessssss! Basically, we received $1000 in light fixtures for $400ish....SCORE. You can still purchase the lights online by clicking HERE.

And finally, the French industrial bar stools came from 55DowningStreet.com ...an excellent source for home decor. 
And they can still be purchased by clicking HERE.

Moving on to the bathroom...

The black custom-made vanity and marble counter top were both designed and ordered at Lowe's. They took about 4-6 weeks to deliver and once again the general contractor took care of installation. 

The various chrome hardware for the sinks and shower all came from Lowe's or Home Depot.

The light fixtures above each medicine cabinet are by Hampton Bay and are also from Home Depot. They were about $80 a pop and can still be purchased by clicking HERE.

The medicine cabinets were about $50 each from IKEA. Yes. IKEA. Don't hate. IKEA is the shit. I love IKEA. I, yes I, put together each medicine cabinet in about 20 minutes. And my dad hung them above the vanity, with my help of course. The contractor had been moving at a snail's pace by this point so I was more than happy to put a little elbow grease into the project and get things done! The cabinets can be purchased online by clicking HERE.

I scooped the hardware for the vanity (the clear acrylic knobs on the drawers) at Orchard Supply, a local home improvement chain that is actually owned now by Lowe's. You can check them out by clicking HERE.

Once again, the subway tiles in the bath/shower and the floor tiles all came from Lowe's. We had the same guy who installed the granite and tiles in the kitchen do the tile work in the bathroom. He did a pretty decent job...although, being a virgo and therefore a perfectionist, I managed to find one tile on the floor that was crooked...grrrrrrr...

The bathtub was bought at Tubz in Fremont. They have a huge warehouse where you can literally see every single tub they stock, which makes picking out a tub pretty easy.

The toilet is by Toto and was practically new so we kept it. The clear glass shower doors were from Home Depot. And BAM! That's the end of my powder room deets.

Le Boudoir...

My beautiful fuchsia linen bed frame was custom-made. Purchased from Cost Plus World Market...but not without a headache, of course. It was around $800, on sale. They said production and delivery is 2-3 weeks. However, I had to harass the hell out of Cost Plus via twitter in order for them to actually get that bed frame in the mail. Calling customer service was a waste of my time and patience....but offend a company on social media and all hell breaks loose. Bottom line? It's a gorgeous bed no doubt but damn was it a painstaking process. AND not to mention, no one assembles it for you. Think IKEA...lol...my dad and I put my bed together. Took an afternoon. No biggie. I love it. Anyway, you can check out the bed I got by clicking HERE.

My white bedding is from West Elm. The commercial garment racks holding all my pretties are $60 each at Target and my rolling shoe rack is also $60 at Target.

The awesome clear lamps on my bedside tables came from HauteLook and Lamps Plus. I bought the one from HauteLook forever ago and then scooped the matching one from Lamps Plus. LOVE those lamps. AND you can buy the lamps by clicking HERE.

The clear acrylic chandelier is $79.96 at Home Depot.

My armoire, mirrors, mid-century pastel chair and beautiful blue Persian rug are all hand-me-downs from Grandma. Good thing I have her taste!

Dining room details...

The crystal be-decked linear chandelier in the dining room is from Z Gallerie. Retails for about $350. Available for purchase by clicking HERE

Dining room table was scooped years ago from a consignment shop in Mountain View called The Home Consignment Center. The rug under the dining table was found on clearance at Marshalls for just $69.

The mid-century long buffet table was passed down from my grandparents. Lucky me because they had awesome furniture.

Living room details...

White leather sofa is from IKEA. The "Karlstad" retails for about $900 and you can check it out clicking HERE.

The gray living room rug and the large ottoman (which opens up for storage) are both from TjMaxx/Home Goods. The ottoman was scooped on clearance for about $200. 

The clear glass ball floor lamp is from Anthropologie. Bought it many years ago when I worked for Anthro so I got an amazing deal on it. It retailed for about $500. I got it for about $200 at the time.

The mirror above the fire place is from TjMaxx/Home Goods and was about $40. Love that mirror.

The black leather mid-century swivel chair belonged to my great-aunt...another successful hand-me-down.

My bar area is composed of a large white tray with gold-toned handles and gold bamboo legs. Because I love white and gold. Gives off a feeling of cleanliness and elegance. The tray setup was a gift from my parents, bought at C. Wonder a couple years ago. It was about $400.

The long white "Hemnes" mirror behind the bar tray was $99 from IKEA. The faux white furry rug is $12.99 at IKEA. I use these faux furs all over the house.

The entry table is vintage. The white marble entry way table lamp is another grandma hand-me-down. The bold, bright green lamp shade, however, was scooped from Anthropologie.

The gold, metal sun burst wall decor hanging was a great sale find years ago from TjMaxx.


Last but not least is the white office. Everything is from IKEA. Except the wooden chair, which was another sale scoop from my Anthropologie days. The simple white bookcase was about $250 for the combo I bought. The white table/desk was $29.99. The white chair, floor mirror and the long desk under the window? All IKEA. Everything is white which again is clean BUT also makes all my brightly colored accessories pop! 

My favorite part of the room is the thick, fluffy Moroccan rug that covers the office floor. Mom gave me that one. One of her estate sale finds. 


In the end, my major piece of advice for remodeling is spend your money on the best contractor. And finding a really good one is hard. If you find a good one, it'll cost you but it's going to save you time and your sanity. Priceless. 

And do plan on going over your budget. Just know it's going to happen. 

Thanks Mom and Dad! 



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