Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A scavenger hunt for beer, sort of.

This past Saturday I spent about 4 hours trekking around downtown Mountain View, beer tasting, at the 2015 Mountain View Beer Walk.

Every year for the past few years, downtown venues play host to local breweries showcasing their finest. The entire event is put together by The Beer Walk. And this year I decided to check it out.

Saturday was HOT! Seriously. We lucked out with gorgeous weather. And walking around downtown, tasting beer was a perfect way to start the weekend.

You show up. Prove your 21 and get a wrist bracelet. Buy your tickets ($30 online prior to event/$35 day of). You get a fun commemorative glass (don't break it cuz you're not getting a new one). And a passport which is essentially downtown Mountain View, mapped out, with 22 venues highlighted. Those venues each have representatives from local brew houses pouring beers (not full're not going to drink 22 beers people). The reps, pour, answer questions, and check off your passport. Do not loose said passport. 

The bar at local brewery, Tied House. Regulars can reserve a mug w/ their name on it...for a small fee of course.

Finishing up a beer I liked from Strike Brewing Co. outside of Empire Vintage.

So, after all was said and done, my favorite beers were a coffee-tasting beer from San Jose brewery, Strike Brewing Co. and a beer from Sunnyvale brew house, Firehouse Brewery located right on Murphy in downtown least favorite beer (because of course there had to be one) was an un-named cider beer we tasted at local clothing retailer Boutique 4. Apparently I'm not a fan of cider beer. lol. I did, however, see a couple dresses I wanted at Boutique 4. A welcome distraction from that "un-named" cider beer.

On a side note, I ended up walking into quite a few places in downtown MV that I've never been into like Allure Salon and Mixx

But it was Blue Line Pizza that stole my heart. Beer + pizza? Need I say anymore? They were one of the only restaurants on the the Beer Walk that provided samples. Cheesy garlic bread and pizza....yum....And that was a smart ploy. After the Beer Walk we made a bee-line for Blue Line and ate dinner.

The Beer Walk. This was a great way to figure out what kinds of beer I like plus get me into some local spots that I otherwise hadn't been into. Good times and great beer.


*Special Thanks to the Beer Walk for the complimentary tickets. Cheers to Beer Walk Mountain View 2015!

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