Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adios 2014! It's been real.

2014....can't say I'm going to miss ya.

I'm more than ready to welcome in 2015.

A new year...a new chapter for me in more ways than one.

My home is getting a much-needed face-lift. Built sometime in the 40s and practically untouched since then, my amazing parents are setting me up with a brand new kitchen, bathroom, new living room sliding doors and fresh paint throughout...fresh paint for my home and metaphorically speaking, fresh paint for my new life as a single lady.

For those of you mystified, my husband and I separated and divorced in November. Not an easy decision by any means, especially after 10 years together, 6 of those married. And so, here I go...embarking on a new life. 31 and single for the first time since my freshman year of college!

It's hard to remember what life was like before I was attached to someone and admittedly, I'm excited. Excited NOW....because 3-4 months ago, excitement was surely not my frame of mind. Divorce frightened me. Saddened me. Depressed me. And even though it was my decision to go through this big change, I went through all the stages a divorcee typically goes through. You wonder if you're making the right moves. You worry about regrets. You wonder what everyone will think. You grieve over the chapter of your life you're closing.

I've decided I'm going to be happy. Happy and healthy with a new perspective on life. Everything I've done and everything I do is shaping the person I'm still becoming and my experiences, the good and the bad, are all essential to who I am and who I will be.

I'm so thankful. No. Beyond thankful. For my parents. For my aunt Esther and Uncle Tony. For my dearest friends, Kim, Rachel and Karen who all have been my rock, keeping me grounded and sane. The advice. The words of wisdom. The truth. The comfort. The support. The love. The understanding.

And I can't forget my dog Willy...the only "man" in my life for the time being...thank God for a pooch to snuggle with...he's my favorite partner in crime and been right at my side through it all. 

Thank YOU to those of you who have been following the blog since day 1. Your comments and messages via social media put a smile on my face and keep me inspired to keep doing what I do. It's tough to keep me down in the dumps for long. It's just not me. I've always been determined and inspired and I plan on keeping it up! Onward and upward my friends because it can only get better from this point on.

So, ADIOS 2014 and CHEERS to 2015 and the journey. And Happy New Year to you all!
Much love always,


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