Sunday, October 12, 2014


For the past 2 months, I've been on some kind of shoe high...literally scooping up some amazing shoe finds at a fraction of what they originally cost. Shopping and saving at its best. So, I thought I'd share my latest finds because they're too good not to share!

Starting off with these Alexander Wang wedges.....ooh la la! I've never been a fan of wedges until now. Until these Wang's caught my eye on's website. These were a fantastic addition to my shoe family because my only other accepted wedges are a pair I got from Target this Summer. So, good to have some designer ones I truly love....especially since I paid UNDER $100 for them! 

Coye Nokes...a brand I was unfamiliar with until I walked into Calypso St. Barth and my own sandals broke right there, in the to say, I was in desperate need of new shoes AND since I was parading around NYC at the time, they needed to be flats. Absolutely needed to be flats. LOVE these cuties with their embossed leather straps. Scooped these for $69.99 at the Calypso St. Barth Sale boutique which is located in Soho, close to their main store on Lafayette.

The first pair of Manolo Blahnik's that I've gotten for under $100. AMEN. And once again another purchase. The is ALWAYS having a sale OR some kind of promotion going on making their already low prices even more conceivable. And I have to say. I am in love with these. They're a grey-ish taupe color so they go with almost everything. And the straps....LOVE. They secure my feet so well and yet are so damn comfortable, I could run in them. I wore these all day the first time I wore them and had NO issues. These are fabulous.

These puppies should be easily recognizable for those of you that jumped on the Altuzarra x Target collaboration. I bought these at their full price which was like $40 or $50 at the time but are probably practically free by now with Target's sale schedule. Gotta love that Target. Fancy yourself to cool to shop the sale section at Tarjay, you're missing out lover. Anyway, at first glance, I wasn't a fan and considered returning them. And then I put them on and I was like, F*&$ it. I actually like them. The style. The textures. Sold.

Say hello to my little friend. My little friend named Pierre Hardy. These are actually my very first pair of Pierre Hardy shoes and I'm smitten. Brown is usually the last color I ever go for but these crushed velvet peep-toes caught my attention immediately on And I think I paid something like $70 or $80 for them. Yes. I know. A steal and a half. They're sexy and dainty all at the same time...kinda like

You love these don't ya? too. Another pair from the Altuzarra x Target collab I had to have. They look so good on. And the first day, I got compliments. And then I had to stumble to my car, knowing they were chaffing the backs of my ankles with every effing step I took. OMIGOD. If I showed you guys what these did to the backs of my ankles you'd wig out like maje. I HAD a feeling when I put them on that even though they LOOK amaze, the back part was going to have its way with my ankles. And boy did it. say the least. But I still think they look great....ugh....lady problems.

Aren't these hotties fab?! Steve Madden ya'll. Mmmhmm. These sexy booties came from his collaboration with The Blonde Salad. And I had to have them. Lucky me, they were on sale for a whopping $29.99! Seriously. LOVE. Shopping. In. New York. I can't wait to wear these out!

Saved the best for last. beautiful Chrissie Morris shoes. Died when I got them and realized they fit like a dream. These were the find of the century. Scooped these from The RealReal for less than $200. And baby, they were worth it. Probably the most exquisite shoes I own. Total eye candy. By far the BEST piece in my closet thus far.

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