Sunday, July 27, 2014

Can I wear this every day?

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I happened to come across the instagram account of Australian Monique Friedlander and her blog, Sneaky Peek - @sneakypeekblog

Monique is a crafty chick who creates beautiful, whimsical pieces like the lovely faux floral crown she made for me! For those who follow the blog avidly, I'm sure you're thinking, HEY! I've seen Vaness wear this crown before! Ha!

I asked Monique to custom make a crown to look almost identical (a scaled-down, faux version with an added jewel piece!) to the real one that was made for me by Crispy of Natalini Flowers for a brunch party I hosted this past Spring.

Here's a shot of me wearing the real floral crown which served as the inspiration...


Basically, I love it. 

I love my jeweled floral crown.

It's perfect.

I want to wear it every day.

Perhaps I will...


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