Thursday, June 12, 2014

A different kind of shadow box

I'm fairly certain we are all more than familiar with shadow boxes, visual keepsakes of our memories, tokens and momentos. Who doesn't love working on one? They're a perfect way to display the good times instead of hiding them away in an album somewhere, collecting dust.

So, being of sequin mind and not much of DIY body, I spontaneously put this "shadow box" together - minus the box part. Using a fabulous gold sequined pant hanger from Pearls & Pastries and a couple mini gold glitter clips, I put together a different kind of shadow box. And I really love it.

It's the perfect way to remember the beautiful brunch I hosted earlier this year. I really wanted a way to preserve but also display my beyond memorable floral head crown. And this was perfect. The crown hangs in the center with a photo of bestie and I to one side and a fun sparkly Papyrus card with a great quote on the other side...I'll probably add another picture or two, but I love how it looks. Totally befitting for a sequin sister who loves everything gold!

I think this could be a lovely gift idea for a bride-to-be, bridesmaids, easy DIY that's sure to make someone feel very special should they receive one. 

- Floral crown was made c/o Natalini Flowers by Crispy
- Sequin hangers are made by Pearls & Pastries
- Mini glitter clips were found at Marshalls*

*Sponsored Marshalls blogger


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