Saturday, May 24, 2014 least I looked good.

Dressed to impress: I wore an Equipment blouse I got for a steal from The Outnet. Zara slacks. Jeffrey Campbell lucite sandals (from NastyGal). And Elizabeth & James shades I won thanks to StyleCaster.

So, last week, around the 15th, my sister and I made the difficult decision to put on make-up and "go out". Going out isn't a task we's the hour and a half, stuck in traffic as we bee-bop it to the city part that sucks. It really takes effort....effort, and will power and whatever is happeneing in the city better damn well be worth it for us suburbanites to make the trek North on a Thursday night.

And what was it that brought us to San Fran for the evening? A purported pop-up boutique. Apparently this particular one sets up camp inside the W Hotel once or twice a year, a mix of home decor design and, naturally we thought we may as well check it out. I mean from the advertisements, it seemed like a fun shopping, cupcake, cocktail-themed evening....

I mean...maybe Veronica and I arrived too late? We got there at 7:30, an hour and a half into the event and yet where was the shopping? I was pretty sure this was supposed to be a pop-up boutique which meant there were going to be things to buy, right?

Hmmmmm....there was one, small rack of clothing. I had expected there to be more than one. There were a few tables spread around the space. But the bits of jewelry and bags to be seen were sparse! WHERE IS EVERYTHING? I thought. I quietly asked my sister, "Is this it?" "Did we see everything?" "Oh. So. This is what we sat in traffic for?" Fuck.

At least I looked good.....

My face here says...I drove an hour and a half for a $10 vodka tonic tonight! Yay! 

I'm going to give the hosts the benefit of the doubt and assume everything was so amazeballs that it all sold during the first hour of the event. And that's why it looked so bare when V and I got there. 

For the lack of shopping and product, there sure were a lot of people who turned out for this was crowded, and hot and I was still confused...people seemed to have gathered more for the ambience and the drinks and the socializing than for intros to designers and shopping....

In any case, here are the few shots we took of the things that interested us from Costella Handbags and Tom Dixon designs, two of the designers featured at this "pop up".

Just when I was about to inquire where the prices were....and....(are these things even for sale? Because they don't look like it. This looks like it was just for display...which confused me yet again).....I was approached by another pop-up shopper, er designer? He was incredibly intoxicated so it took me the remainder of the event to figure out who he was and why he was there...although very sweet, he was 3 sheets to the wind and I couldn't blame him....what exactly was this event?

This should have been advertised as a cocktail party. Because that's what it was. And I love a good cocktail party just as much as the next gal, but what drew me to the city was this supposed shopping thing....while the red and white wine was on the house, I opted for a vodka tonic, which my new drunken friend decided to dilute with water because "my glass needed to look full in the picture." Thanks dude.....oy vey. 

Other than drunk dude, I met a really nice woman named Sandy with Basically, her outfit stuck out to V and I, and we were like yo, we need a pic with you, you stlyish lady you...

So, that's it kids. There's nothing else to say. I was bummed, to say the least, because this was so not what we had expected. More cocktail party than shopping soiree, which is all good dolls, just wish we would have known.

We were home by 10pm. Crazy.


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