Sunday, May 18, 2014

So, I finally tested out Rodan + Fields...

Ok. So, I think it's safe to assume that the majority of you have either heard about Proactiv or have used it. I know I gave the infamous blemish-fighting products a spin back in college. Proactiv is still quite popular and thus sprang forth new line, Rodan + Fields. The same dermatologists who began Proactiv have since sold their company and began a new one with their namesake. This product line's focus is on redefining the aging process.....aging....ew.

My friend Gris has fabulous skin and a perfect complexion and she happens to be a Rodan + Fields consultant. So, I went to her with my aging issues. Unfortunately for moi, it seemed like the second I turned 30, adult acne decided to set in, reminding me ever more that I'm an aging adult...great. Can't wait to see what turning 40 and 50 brings me....

Anyway, HELLOOOO adult acne! Ugghhh...terrible for someone who never really had any issues with acne as a teen. And instead of breaking out on my face, apparently a trait of this so-called maturity level is breaking out on my neck and along my jaw line AND I fucking hate it.

As a fashion and style blogger, you all know that a primary concern of mine is keeping my face blemish-free because I'm permanately poised in front of my camera. So, adult acne is just not an option for my money-maker!

Major gracias to Gris for giving me all these products to sample. I LOVED the micro-dermabrasion paste. For people with seriously sensitive skin, I would go easy on the micro-dermabrasion stuff. I have tough skin so I scrubbed that paste in and enjoyed the baby soft skin I came out with. I mean major soft skin! The face and lip serums were just as impressive.

Overall, I was happy with my results after testing out a few of the products. And I know that this is a great line from qualified and well-known dermatologists who stand by a system that really works and provides results you can see and feel.

Have you been curious about the Rodan + Fields line? Email Gris Massana at She will hook you up with everything you need to get started and not to mention, she's the sweetest! She's so damn sweet, in fact, that she's given me a full-size Rodan + Fields Brightening Hand Treatment lotion to give to one of you wonderful readers. USA readers are welcome to enter this giveaway! Good Luck and don't wonder about this product line anymore...shoot Gris an email and see how you can test out this line today. Thank YOU Gris!


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