Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Yes. That would be the unmistakeable beauty Gisele Bundchen gracing PORTER Magazine's debut cover.
And that would be Gisele's perfect bum staring right at you when you unfold the cover......great...time to start working on my gluteus maximus because swimsuit season is like, practically here....gasp. And obviously Gisele has nothing to worry about, even after 2 kids. I have had 0 kids and my ass pales in comparison - literally. I also need a tan, stat.

Inside PORTER.....

As you may have deduced, PORTER Magazine was born of online shopping meca NET-A-PORTER.

And the magazine debut has caused quite a stir amongst the fashionable.

6 issues annually at $9.99/issue.

Subscriptions include direct delivery to your door, complimentary access to the digital version AND an exclusive, limited edition cover {much like Harper's BAZAAR}.

Right now, IF YOU SUBSCRIBE HERE, you will also be entering a sweeps to WIN roughly $33,000 to shop NET-A-PORTER. Yes, you read that correctly. Your eyes did not deceive you. That's some major shopping right there...and all for just subscribing.

Subscriptions run anywhere from $48-$58, depending on the option you choose for payment. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS CLICK HERE!

You can ALSO find PORTER at select newsstands, grocery stores, Target & Walgreens stores. Available worldwide...if you need help finding one close to you, tweet @PORTERmagazine as they have been quite helpful providing that sort of info.

I'm Loving PORTER.
It's glossy. Chic. Inspiring. Intriguing. Natural.

*For some FUN with PORTER, download the app in the app store to place yourself on your very own PORTER cover...just as I did...over, and over and over again.

Obviously, I'm slightly full of myself because I had to stop myself after creating 5+ covers...lol


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