Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Like, the one and only time you'll see a manly post on here...

Lookin' good. Lookin' real good babe.

Yep. That's my husband & wonderful photographer, Adam.

Adam hates having his picture taken. 

I don't care. I take his picture anyway.


Dressed, head to toe, in Marshalls designer deals.

His leather Calvin Klein jacket has been then envy of all the guys at work, or so I've heard.

Apparently, the guys at work all took turns trying on Adam's lust-worthy leather lover...lol...

See...guys...they're SO like us. 

Adam scooped up his jeans, shoes, undershirt, jacket AND, yes, even the sunglasses are from Marshalls.

The couple that Shops and Saves together, Stays together! We hope! HA! 

Marshalls, we love you.

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