Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Hush Money"

Oohlala! As you might have guessed, the second I saw these on NastyGal, I had to have them. Sequins and peplum....made my heart flutter.

So, when they had a sale last November I made a point to scoop. Typically, I'm a small in NastyGal stuff. However, to my effing dismay, when these sequined wonders arrived the small was waaaaay too big. I liked them so much I considered just tailoring them. But then what the hell was the point of getting them on sale? Uggghhhhh....so, I begrudgingly packed them up and sent them back with the appropriate paperwork, detailing how I wanted my refund.

NastyGal REFUND policy says 5-7 days from when they receive the return. No biggie, right? I mean, it's not my first time returning something to NastyGal. So. WHAT on God's green earth went wrong this time?

I did everything I was supposed to. I even checked in with their live online customer service chat reps, to no avail, obvi. I got the run-around each time. And one of the more annoying questions they continuously asked me was how I wanted my refund. Duh. I filled in the bubbles on the return paperwork. Was that just for fun?  I'm not having fun.

Basically. I've never had to wait so long for a refund from NastyGal and certainly never had to complain my way into getting my money back from them prior to this. So many excuses.

Naturally, I took to twitter to help my cause and sure enough NastyGal's twitter peeps attempted to "help"....if I had actually been satisfied with their initial response, I'd still be waiting for my $50...they said hopefully by January 11th....Say what?

Enough's enough.
I took to twitter once more to announce the fact that I finally resorted to filing a claim via PayPal (my original form of payment). And what do you think happened? About 30 minutes later, NastyGal finally decided it was okay to give me back my money....or rather, I received what seemed more like "hush money". As in HUSH UP already and S T O P crucifying us on social media.

Sorry I'm not Sorry.
But WHY is it that sometimes, okay, a LOT of times, you have to use your social media mouth to get what's deserved? $50 is small pickles. Makes no difference to me. $50 is $50. 

Will I shop from NastyGal again?
Will I shop more carefully, conservatively?
Most likely.

Because I'm NOT trying to EVER have to return something to them again.

NastyGal, I love you. But dayum.

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