Sunday, December 1, 2013

Celebrating Holidays the right way...get ready to sparkle!

Oh, it's definitely going to be a holly jolly Christmas this year! I've partnered with some wonderful sponsors to bring you a little holiday cheer, a lot of sparkle and hopefully fun inspirations to help you check everyone off on your shopping list. 

To celebrate the crazy shopping season, we are hosting a series of giveaway's to WIN presents that you can wrap up and give away...or say Merry Christmas to yourself! It's okay, we won't tell....

Take a look below at all the sparkling gifts we're giving away! You're going to find something for everybody! Made possible by the generosity of the following fabulous sponsors:



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Something Extra from Blue Nile.....

So, Blue Nile Diamonds didn't just provide you with the opportunity to win 2 $50 gift cards here on the blog.  Right now, the Blue Nile "Leave Nothing To Chance" app is up and running on their website which can be accessed HERE! Enter and you'll have a chance at winning a 3-carat diamond tennis bracelet!!

The "Leave Nothing To Chance" app is geared towards taking some of the guessing out of the guessing game when it comes to choosing the right sparkler for your loved ones.

The app asks you fun lifestyle questions and your answers then determine a "fashion persona". The app then provides you with excellent gift suggestions based on the persona.

The app will be available November 29-December 23rd and the winner of the diamond bracelet will be announced on December, THAT would be one helluva way to ring in the new year!

Have fun, enjoy & good luck!

Product Purchasing Information

 Caboodles can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Ulta, Walgreens & Sears. And I ADORE the two I have :) Seriously, Caboodles just never get's old. 

Pinch Provisions
Pinch Provisions mini emergency kits can be purchased for $15+ (depending on the style) at

They also have many special edition cases that are collaborations with various retailers, and can be found at Sephora and J. Crew to name a couple.

These are must-have's. I own two myself and go nowhere without one. Packed with 17 essentials - everything from hair spray and safety pins to lip balm and nail polish! Stocking stuffer no-brainer. And guess what? They have dude kits too!

Papyrus brand greetings need no introduction. They're my favorite cards to give and receive because they're always so beautiful and overall, just exquisite. I've been known to frame their cards because they are that fabulous.

You can find Papyrus cards almost anywhere you find greeting cards and they have stores located nationally.
  Find a retailer near you! CLICK HERE!

Pearls & Pastries
Pearls & Pastries is a terribly addictive Etsy shop I have come to love and shop frequently. My wall is covered in her prints and my racks are starting to be covered in her sequin hangers! All colors and sizes and styles...check out Pearls & Pastries on Etsy HERE and even better is her instagram HERE!

AHAVA is my go-to when it comes to my daily beauty regimen. So, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when they sent over their NEWEST wrinkle fighter! Glad a couple of you will get to try it out as well. I love AHAVA. Side note: They just joined instagram HERE, for my insta lovers :)

Kensie - this was my first introduction to the brand! Shocker, I know. But I likey! The heart-printed blouse was actually something I was looking for but didn't want to drop too much cash on and Kensie's design fit the bill. Kensie, based out of Vancouver, can be found at major retailers such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor to name a few.

I MADE IT by Mars
I MADE IT by Mars is yet another little Etsy shop I stumbled on in my nevending quest for all things sequined :) Marissa's gold sequin clutch caught my eye right off the bat...and then when she sent over the blue one for a giveaway piece, my mouth dropped. It was a definite "Ohlala" moment. Modestly priced at $45, these zippered clutches are going to make one special xmas gift. Shop HERE.

Eyes by ToGoSpa
Eyes by ToGoSpa or "Eyedews" are glued to me, basically. And now they have green tea and pomegranate infused gel pads to add to the mix. Beware ladies...husbands have been known to steal these from your safe spot in the fridge. Keep your eyes on your Eyes! :) Available for purchase at


Huge Thank You's to All the Wonderful Sponsors for their amazing products that made for the Perfect Holiday Gift Post!



This has been a sponsored post.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.
All Giveaway's will end December 14, 2013.

*My DKNY pajamas as seen in the above photos were sponsored by Marshalls. I am a sponsored Marshalls blogger.


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