Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shut the front door! Shopping, Saving & Sequins ranked among the top fashion week blogs!

Major thank you's go out to Fohr Card - an online fashion blogger "phonebook" if you will....just today, they posted the TOP 1000 blogs that covered New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks. And even though I only traveled to New York fashion week this past September, low and behold, MY blog came in at #215....out of 1000.

I'm shocked. Thrilled. Impressed. And very happy. It's nice to be able to SEE that hard work really does pay off and I've got the stats to prove it. CLICK on my stats below to be taken to the entire list to see who else ranked as a top fashion week blog.

Last but not least, THANK YOU all my blog readers and wonderful followers on all my social media platforms...without YOU GUYS supporting Shopping, Saving & Sequins, I would be nowehere on this list. So, this is ALL thanks to you for tuning in! You're amazeballs.

Time to celebrate!


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