Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So. Now that the madness is nothing but a brief, somewhat annoying memory...

...what the hell am I going to do with myself and these damned Target-designer collaborations? Seriously. I feel like I'm doomed. I've tried being "above it" or whatever that's supposed to mean. I've tried saying, meh, I don't really care when someone enthusiastically asks me if I've prepped myself for the next highly-anticipated partnership. Hence the "above it" atttiude.....but we know the deep, dark truth.

It's a sick addiction people. And Target loves it. Because here I am, practically one month after the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Tarjay collection came out, and I'm still thinking about it. I'm still thinking about how I felt slighted by the tremendous lack of availablity of a lot of the items I could feasably see myself wearing. I'm still thinking about pieces I totally should have scooped when I could. And then I'm thinking I've fallen into that rediculous trap that ALL retailers relish...the "everyone wants it so for some reason I feel like I need to have it too" trap.

In the end, I'll fess up and admit that I've definitely stalked Target's site to see if anything all of a sudden, secretly became available...I've been too busy to run into my local stores to canvas the sale sections...probably all for the best really.

So. I adore the Lim pieces I got. I mean, they're fabulous. The plush navy sweater is perfectly oversized and snuggly and don't even get me started on the animal printed blouse. I got that "blouse" in an xs but it's more like a blazer, at least for moi. And I love it.

By the time I realized how much I really liked the collection, everything else was gone....and that's when the hunt started. Instagram was flooded with people trying to sell the bags they ended up not wanting...lot's and lot's of bags...which got me hooked. There was one particular larger bag I was devoted to finding and stooped to the point of almost sending a fellow instagraming unknown something like $75 for a bag I wasn't even sure I wanted....
like what?

Hello. Reality check time....earth to Vaness...what the eff are you doing? Time to walk away honey. 

Soon after, I made the mistake of posting a photo to instagram pointing out how I had happened to come across a bag (one I didn't want) at my local Tarjay...whoops...I was soon flooded with requests by people who had been just like me...ready to fork over moolah to me. Someone they didn't know. For a bag. From Target.

Omigod....lol. Literally, time to LOL! Because the next collaboration is coming and you'll get your chance to have an emotional freakout over the next "must-have" items....and I'll pretend I don't want in on any of it. :)


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