Monday, October 14, 2013

Polar Seltzer...bubbly water and fun straws?! Yes please.

I sipped on this lime Polar and the love affair began...not to mention, I like the colors of the cans...they'd look pretty in my refridgerator. 

The obsession with Polar Seltzer bubbly water started when I sipped on a refreshing lime-flavored one during the Alice + Olivia show this past the way, Polar's straws are awesome too. Who doesn't love a goood straw, right?! Yea...I definitely brought my straw home with me.

I hollered over at Polar and they were awesome and sent over their wildly flavored Winter collection! Sounds good to me! Especially because they sent over their really cool, PATENTED straws...sorry kids...can't tell you where to score the straws. 

Sunday was the Niners game and the perfect opportunity to have a fun tasting of the bubbly...mind you these are totally meant to be the perfect addition to cocktails, or just the way they are...whatever floats your boat...or in this case, your straw! :)

@VeronicaMinnis had TWO faves...she couldn't decide between "Champagne Strawberry" and "Mint Chocolate".


@DontTweetGranni giving his most interesting thoughts on his favorite bubbly water for a cocktail addition, the "Butter Rum".

@Dao_ism WOULD pick "Champagne Strawberry" as his favorite! This one is actually good alone or with a mimosa.

Lot's of thanks to Polar for providing some refreshing fun (pun intended!) during Sunday football...everyone took home a bottle of their favorite flavor and of course a straw!

....and MY favorite?? Lime and Lemon...I'm an all-natural girl...I really do love their bubbly water because it's SUPER bubbly! And it tastes good. All natural flavors and no calories....I'm dying to try the raspberry lime....

p.s. the ONLY place you'll find Polar Seltzer HERE in the Los Altos/Palo Alto, California area is Andronicos market off of Foothill expressway...otherwise, you'll have to head to Belmont and San Francisco to score some Polar as they are not quite THAT available to us out here on the west coast...YET!

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks Polar Seltzer.

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