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ASC: Hi Vanessa! We are SO excited to have you as our first e-Guest Editor for A Second Chance, all the way from sunny California. How is it over there? Actually, don’t tell us. We already know - It’s amazing!
VG: (laughs) You are correct! Living in the San Francisco Bay Area can’t be beat. Born and raised baby!
ASC: You run a successful fashion blog called Shopping Saving & Sequins ( where you document your outfits and excursions, talk trends and juicy fashion news and post amazing sales and contests. You have incredible personal style and a gorgeous home (with an enormous personal dressing room. SWOON!) You’ve met top designers like Manolo Blahnik, Carolina Herrera and Derek Lam (all of which we LOVE and happen to carry at ASC…) and seem to have a knack for winning online fashion contests (Hello trip to NYC and $5000 Bloomingdale’s shopping spree!)
VG: Thank you, thank you thank you! And yeah…I definitely did turn the largest room in our home into my own personal dressing room, office space. I love it! I live in this room.

ASC: I can see why… It’s lovely! So what made you decide to start a blog?
VG: I was writing for someone and blogging for them was how I learned the whole process. After a while I started my own little blog on the side and almost never kept up with it. I think it was only after I stopped writing for someone else that I thought I should pick up blogging about myself and what deal I had scored on a recent purchase…I did it, in the beginning, with the intention to remain “in the loop” fashion-wise. I live about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco…in the BURBS! Haa! Doing the whole married thing, so I didn’t want to loose my touch with the fashion world, so to speak. (Smiles)
ASC: So, what is your favorite part of your job?
VG: Wearing SEQUINS! (laughs) Well, that and definitely the friendships I’ve made and the experiences I’ve had. Never thought I would be going to New York fashion week, or meeting up with readers of MY blog or like today, for example… posing on the amazeballs gold counter top at Calypso St. Barth for a photo shoot…my little blog has come a long away.

ASC: AMAZING! Love the picture. How would you describe today’s outfit… What were you going for?
VG: Well, I am excited to finally have gotten to pull out this fabulous little DVF number! Got it on one of DVF’s websites crazy sales…it was a goodie. And as for what I was going for?Easy-breezy, light and chic. We’re not used to super hot Summer’s in the Bay Area and it was crazy hot today, so I needed to wear something that wasn’t going to make me melt before my photo shoot at the new Calypso St. Barth store in Palo Alto. This DVF dress is like wearing nothing! I swear. It’s crazy light…love it. And I needed a pop of color to liven up the nude color of the dress so I wore my Prabal Gurung for Target neon sandals. I wasn’t thrilled with that particular capsule collection, but the shoes were a winner… Sorry Prabal! Hey, I got 3 pairs of shoes from that collection so it’s all good! (Smiles) And for jewelry…I’m a gold girl honey. Gold, gold, gold and more gold.

ASC: All. Gold. Everything. I couldn’t agree more! What is your favorite shopping spot? In-store or online?
VG: Oh man…that’s a tough one. So many faves…but I have to say that my favorite shopping spot is Marshalls. My blog isn’t called Shopping & Saving for nothin’! (laughs) I’ve scored everything from Zanotti booties to silk Equipment blouses at Marshalls and for waaaay less than retail. Obviously, as a fan of A Second Chance, I’m not opposed to wear past season duds. So, Marshalls is a one-stop shop for me when it comes to contemporary wear and housewares.
ASC: All-time favorite designer?
VG: Stacey Bendet. I love everything from Alice + Olivia. Everything…I still need to get my hands on one of their handbags!
ASC: Is there a trend you are excited to attempt?
VG: 2 words – Liquid eyeliner! (laughs) Everyone’s all about it and so I finally bought some at CVS the other day. Attempted and Failed! Miserably! I wish I could wear the stuff because I’m dying to wear a chic little cat-eye. Alas, I’ll leave the cat-eyes up to my sunglasses…
ASC: Who doesn’t love a good cat eye? I’m sure you’ll get it with a little practice! …What is your go-to brand for designer handbags?
VG: Not even a question in my mind: Miu Miu. I own one perfect black Miu Miu bag (and it fits my iPad mini!) and am convinced I need to own many, many more. Someday! Miu Miu can do no wrong. Have you seen their latest collection? I die. The handbags were just perfect….okay, next question because I could go on and on with Miu Miu.
ASC: Haha. You and I both! And for designer shoes?
VG: Brian Atwood. Hands down. I’m a big, obsessive fan over his lower-priced B by Brian Atwood line. I have 6 pairs and counting!
ASC: We love getting Brian Atwood in store! Both of his lines are amazing. Such  iconic designs! What is your all-time best accessory buy and why?
VG: Again, I must mention my black Miu Miu. It was the one of the best decisions I ever made and I have my bestie Rachel to thank because she convinced me to use a good portion of that $5K Bloomingdale’s win on the bag! Ha! It was worth it. It’s black. It’s got a detachable Swarovski chain that that doubles as a necklace!! It’s amaze! And did I mention it fits my iPad mini?! (laughs)

ASC: She’s a beauty… And seems to be in very good company! Tell us, what is a must-have investment piece for any girl?
VG: I could sound like a broken-record here if I say an AMAZING little black bag…(eyes the Miu Miu bag) but my next best investment piece choice, without a doubt, is a fabulous camel-toned trench coat. Mine is by DVF. And I knew when I bought her at full-price, which is something I rarely do, that I would have her for many years to come. And that is a key factor in any investment piece purchase. Do you see yourself wearing it 5 years from now because it’s classic and simple? Something that stands alone from all the coming and going trends? Always good things to ask yourself when committing to something that is otherwise out of your price range.
ASC: Absolutely. We are big believers in the investment piece! Ah-hem, Hermes…. Well thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, Vanessa! We will continue to frequent your blog and stalk your (hilarious!) Twitter feed. Catch my drift, readers? And now, without further ado

Above, Clockwise from Top Right:
2. VALENTINO Rockstud Pointed Toe Flats. SOLD.
4. CELINE Extra Large Color Block Luggage Tote. SOLD.

Above, Clockwise from Top Right:
3. CHANEL Red Leather Vintage Classic Flap Bag. SOLD.
4. CHANEL Ivory Cropped Jacket With Black Trim. SOLD.
All Images Courtesy of Vanessa Grannis.
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