Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here's the thing about NorCal...

The sun can be shining like no other, and there can be not a single cloud in the sky; and while beautiful, it can be just downright chilly. Such is the life of a NorCal girl!

Living in the beautiful Bay Area can't be beat, but it sure does make outfitting for Spring and Summer something of a struggle at times...while perfectly mild during the day at around 70+ night-time rolls around and you betta have the sweater handy or you're gonna freeze your arse off!

So was the case this Memorial Day weekend. BAH-REEEEZY! Instead of a fun & flirty Summer dress, a bright pair of James Jeans twiggy's and an old Milly sweater had to suffice. I gave my uber comfy and warm ensemble a touch of the holiday patriotism with my navy and white striped Charles Philip Shanghai smoking flats.


Milly sweater is from years ago.
James Jeans twiggy's purchased from The Outnet.
Charles Philip Shanghai flats purchased from Nordstrom.
Cat-eye sunglasses purchased from Target.

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