Monday, February 18, 2013

The Lela Rose Fall 2013 Presentation NYFW - BLOGGED!

Lela Rose was one packed house. Seemed like everyone wanted to be at this show. I was lucky to have been invited to stand (I almost snagged a coveted seat, except it was actually taken by someone who was up and taking photos; someone important, unlike myself!). Even standing ended up being quite the struggle...having to throw around some attitude in order to not be forced to the very back where I would undoubtedly have seen absolutely nothing. It was very nearly a cat-fight on the catwalk!

- Here I snapped a shot of us "standers" all being herded into The Studio for the Lela Rose show. Good luck getting a good spot! Ahhh!

- While waiting to walk into the show, I definitely had to get a shot of the camera/crew guys building snowmen in the outdoor break area! It was a snowy NYFW!

- The lights dim...the show is about to begin...

Can you tell from the photo I snapped here how popular the Lela Rose show was to be at?! It was a miracle I was able to get a good view of the beautiful pieces as they wafted down the runway...

Here is a selection of my favorites from the Lela Rose Fall 2013 collection:
*Photos c/o Lela Rose and Fashion GPS

...just beautiful, from the frocks to the accompanying beats. Perfectly feminine pieces that got lovelier and lovelier the further and further we got into the show! It was a longer show that the usual, filled with one gorgeous frock that dared to outdo the one that preceded it. I was impressed by the full if only I could get my hands on this last dress above, my favorite. :)

Check out my live video captured straight from the show!

- Remember THIS dress?! The one I wore on Christmas! This is my only Lela Rose piece, Lela Rose for Tarjay that is. This dress was part of the Neiman Marcus collaboration. I fell in love with Lela Rose instantly! :)

- Taking a break after the Lela Rose show in the TRESemme lounge, my fave spot. Perfect place to chill after shows!


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