Friday, February 1, 2013

The BIG Beauty Product Post...what brands I love and use the most!

If you know me, or have been following the blog long enough to practically know me, then you're aware that make-up is not my thang. I don't have endless drawers filled with pricey, professsional eyeshadows or faux lashes or foundations galore. I'm almost always without makeup, especially during the Summer months when a nice tan allows for more freedom :)

And maybe it's all for a good thing that I don't wear a lot of make-up because I don't have the slightest clue how to paint myself up all professional and shit like a "MAC girl". I know the rudimentary basics that get most of us through life...I stick with natural lips, a hint of color to accent my cheekbones, mascara and if the situation calls for it, eyeliner. And not that awesome liquid liner that everyone but me seems to know how to use (I so wish I could perfect that liquid-liner cat eye, alas, I've tried and end up looking like a sorry clown). Just your regular old pencil liner for moi. Catch my drift? 

Anyway, getting to the point, YOU guys asked and wanted to know which products I use on a daily basis. Which are my faves and, here you go...Everything you wanted to know! 

B - Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads $6
C - Lush Big Shampoo $26.95
D - Lush Big Conditioner $9.95

I didn't snap a photo of my favorite exfoliating, moisturizing bar because after you start using it, it's not photo-op worthy, BUT, it is worth mentioning that I love using "Buffy" also by Lush, for an all-over body exfoliating experience. Instense lotion after-feel! $11.95-$22.95.

B - AHAVA Extreme Firming Eye Cream $54
C - AHAVA Extreme Day Cream $68
D - AHAVA Extreme Radiance Lifting Mask $42
E - AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask $31
...obviously, BIG fan of anything & everything AHAVA, most especially their Extreme collection. Be sure to click on all the above links to learn about every product and or to purchase if you're interested.

And thanks to L'Oreal for sending me their Sulfate-free hair products and totally transforming my hair! Top of the line people. Drug store products aren't what they used to be. Great stuff at affordable prices. All Loreal products can be found at your local drugstore and grocery stores.

 Speaking of drugstore products, I don't think there's a soul out there who doesn't love using Yes to Carrots products, specifically, I won't be found without these cucumber makeup remover towelettes. They're perfect for on the go to freshen up or to wipe away the day's wear and tear. I love using these to take off all my makeup before washing my face. Yes To Carrots Cucumber facial wipes are about $5.99.

I used to have a serious phobia of liquid foundation until I forced myself to try out Hello Flawless Oxygen WoW $34 and needless to say, I was wow'd. The liquid foundation goes on so smoothly and seamlessly, it makes you wonder WHAT the heck you were doing before this came along.....well, actually, before the Oxygen Wow I used the Hello Flawless pressed powder cover-up $34 and now, well, I use both! I start off with the liquid Oxygen wow and then only use the powder disparigingly to top it off. LOVE Benefit!

I feel Benefit's Benetint $29 is something that rarely needs a lengthy introduction. Who hasn't quickly rubbed a few drops of this rose stain into your cheek bones as you hurried out the door?! 

And if you're looking for the shiniest, glossiest, clear lip gloss you've ever seen, Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss $19. Nuff said. This shit is bananans. I swear it's so shiny, I love using it for our editorial-ish shots because it gives my lipstick that pro-makeup look.

These 2 are NARS staples that can be found in most makeup stashes. Laguna Bronzing Powder $34 and Orgasm Blush $28. My bronzer kinda goes into hibernation during the winter months but comes out to play in the Summer while my "Orgasm" blush  is easily used all year-round.

A - Benefit "Miss Popularity" highlighting shimmer powder that I use in the corners of my eyes and just a sweep beneath my brows...although, sorry to say, this is one of those discontinued products. I haven't been able to find it on the Benefit site anymore.
B - CoverGirl Lash Blast fusion very black mascara $7.99 is simply amaze! The best you can get at the drugstore, in my opinion.
C - Dior Diorshow blue mascara $25 is the best and the blue color is something I like to call a conversation-starter. :)
D - CoverGirl liquiline blast eye liner $6
E - Bobbi Brown long-wear eye pencil $24 and this stuff is legit! Glides on and STAYS on!
F - Loreal Voluminous Smoldering Grey Eyeliner $8.99 is my go-to for smokey eye! 
G - Kryolan Professional Makeup eye shadow primer (not sure on price as I cannot find this particular product on their website.)

My three go-to eye shadow's are totally basic but oh so perfect for any occasion. I use Bobbi Brown's (1) Sparkle Eye Shadow in taupe $28 (2) Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in heather mauve $21 (3) Metallic Eye Shadow in sage $21.

A - Kryolan black cherry high gloss (price unknown) I received this as a gift last NYFW and have loved it ever since. 
B - L'Oreal Colour Riche nourishing nude lipstick $8
C - Laura Mercier Lip Glace in quartz $24
D - Dior Addict Lip Glow $32
E - Dior Addict High Shine Model Brown $31 (cannot find a link to purchase Dior High Shine lipsticks anymore, but regualr Dior Addict lipstick in basically the same color #714 brown is available).
F - Fresh Sugar Rose lipstick $22.50 and my ultimate favorite.

If you know me, you KNOW I go no where without my Eyedews. The ultimte in beautifying relaxation. Eyedews can be purchased at

And there you have it! Practically ALL my beauty products for your viewing pleasure! Hope you enjoyed and get inspired to try out something new!



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