Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cocktails & Shoes...Kurt Geiger San Fran Celebrates London Fashion Week

WTF is it about these insane wedges that makes me want them??? A) I never wear wedges, almost never. In fact I own 0 wedges at the moment. B) I scoff at those who wear shoes stacked this high. Seriously. So, why do I want these Kurt Geiger "Faster Faster" wedges??? 

Moving on, because there were a lot more shoes I instantly became obsessed with at Kurt Geiger's San Francisco Party...
To celebrate the end of London Fashion Week #LFW, Kurt Geiger's West Coast flagship threw a little party introducing their S/S 2013 Collection. It was my first time checking out their SF hub and I loved it! Yes I did. I drank. I shopped. I took pictures of shoes like was fab. 

Yes. That's the infamous Kurt Geiger shoe did not disappoint. check! :)

...very difficult to choose a cocktail!! Ended up asking for "The London"...

...'twas an excellent cocktail...had I not had to drive home, I would have kept those bartenders bizzay...

..."The London" was so good, my new shoe friend "Mandy" had to give her a whirl...okay, not really. :)

Time to try on shoes!

...ummm, yea...I think it's safe to say these were a winner. Kurt Geiger. I love you.

I probably owned some variation of these in my younger days...don't care. The second I saw those glittering sequins, my mind was made up. Done and Done. My husband? He says "they're not me." A) Who asked him anyway? I sure didn't. B) Husbands are almost always excellent fashion advisers. Key word here being almost.
I'm keeping them.

...needing that iPad cover with the perforated hearts...

The perfect nude patent pumps. Had to hold myself back from these...

...cocktails and shopping and shoes! Oh my!

...caught up with Rommellyn of The Stunning Post! Nothing like shoes, sales and cocktails to reunite a couple SF Stylistas :) #SFstyle

So, apparently I couldn't leave empty handed. I mean, they were offering 25% off for following their new instagram acct. (@KurtGeiger_US). It was an easy choice.

I love my new shoes. LOVE. Kurt Geiger has only fueled my penchant for British fashion...don't worry...I won't pull a Madonna and add a British accent to my repertoire any time soon. I will however be adding more Kurt Geiger shoes to my dressing room.


#fromLondonwithLove :)

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This photo c/o Kurt Geiger.


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