Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shopping, Saving & Sequins ~ A Social Media Socialite...say that 5 times fast!

As a blogger, social media is top priority. And I'm just about everywhere. Shopping, Saving & Sequins has found a lot of success being dispersed via a multitude of platforms, but all these platforms can get confusing. 
So, this blog post is going to break it all down for you - Follow along with Shopping, Saving & Sequins, whether it be on posterous or facebook or instagram or all of them! Now, you'll understand a little about what content you'll find from each outlet.

(1) Blogger. Also known as where my MAIN blog resides. Blogger is where my blog originates from and this platform allows for me to place adds or links in my sidebars, photos, etc. All my blog posts can be found here, along with tabs linking you to giveaway's and more.

Follow along via blogspot at You can subscribe to the blog via email. Just look for the box to enter your email address along the left side bar and each post will be delivered straight to your email.

(2) Chictopia. Chictopia is like a fashionista's instagram. Chictopia catalogs all of my outfits. Basically, eye candy. All my outfits and outfit posts can be found here. You too can sign up and start uploading your outfits and vote on others. Fun place to find bloggeritas whose style you like. Note, I haven't posted to Chictopia in a long time...I am more recently found posting my looks to Pose under @ShopSaveSequins

Follow along via Chictopia at

(3) Facebook. You all know about Facebook, the most popular platform to follow just about anyone on. I post everything and then some to the Facebook fan page - Outfit of the day posts to what's going on with the latest Target collaboration to random musings on just about anything.

Follow along via Facebook at

(4) Foursquare.  If you're following along with me on foursquare, then you know everytime I check in at Marshalls, Tj Maxx or Mmmmmm, one of my faves, Donut Wheel....if there's a sale, I'm checking in at it and leaving a tip or letting you know what I'm up to and what I bought.

Follow along via Foursquare at

(5) Google+. Does anyone actually keep up with anyone else on here?? Well, just in case, Shopping, Saving & Sequins is on there! Can't be left behind. LoL!

Follow along via Google+ at

(6) IFB. Also known as Independent Fashion Bloggers is a network for bloggers. If you're a fashion blogger, you'll want to set up a profile here and gain access to bloggers from all over.

Follow along via IFB at

(7) Instagram. Shopping, Saving & Sequins took too long to join, but we're on there! And we love instagram. If you want the scoop first, you're going to get it following along with my instagram, as I've taken to posting all my daily photos there first.

Follow along via Instagram at @SHOPSAVESEQUINS or on instastagram at

(8) Linked in. Shopping, Saving & Sequins get's professional! Ha! Get "linked in" to professionals in your field of expertise with this well-known site.

Follow along via Linked in at

(9) Pinterest.  Who doesn't love Pinterest?? Better believe Shopping, Saving & Sequins is addicted to this virtual tack or pinboard, if you will. Photo headquarters for everything from recipes to decorating and beyond. My fashion dreams and my fashion realities are all pinned here.

Follow via Pinterest at

(10) Fohr Card. Relatively new to the game. A social roladex, if you will, of bloggers etc. made available to PR etc. for a fee. Free for bloggers to join, if accepted...if your blog meets the criteria.

(11) Tumblr. This is like an extension of my instagram. Everything posted to instagram is automatically posted to tumblr, so if you're not on instagram, fear won't miss a beat of my photos if you're following me on tumblr.

Follow along via tumblr at

(12) Twitter. Tweet tweeeet! Oh, I definitely do a lot more than tweet on twitter...everything get's tweeted. My blog posts, my instagram photos, my annoyances, my grievances and my random's all here for your entertainment.

Follow via Twitter at

(13) YouTube. All Shopping, Saving & Sequins videos - from live recordings taken at events to mua picking my giveaway winners to NYFW shows I've shot live! All fun stuff on the ShopSaveSequins YouTube channel.

Follow along with the Shopping, Saving & Sequins YouTube channel at

Are you still there? Anyone?? Social media. It's no joke. That was exhausting....So, now you know where Shopping, Saving & Sequins can be found what you'll find there! :) 

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