Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out in NYC just can't be beat...sorry my Bay Area babes!

*checking my hair in a mirror at 1st stop of the night.

Last year I spent my entire FNO tucked inside the DVF flagship store in the Meatpacking district. And it was nothing short of amazeballs, if you can remember my postings showing DVF and Estelle grooving to the beats. It was THE place to be that night.

Well, this year I decided that instead of heading back to the Meatpacking, I would stick around "my" side of town and experience a Soho/Noho FNO.

Ummmmm....insanity. Straight up, mind-boggling insanity. I always think it's funny when Adam says he thinks there's just too many people in California, because my immediate retaliation is, HELLO?? Have you BEEN to New York?? Obviously, he hasn't really.

Going out in NYC on Fashion's Night Out is a basic guarantee that you're going to be practically hugging and kissing every stranger that's literally shoved up against you...all hot and sweaty, of course...and do beware of the typical chick in front of you who is carelessly flicking her cigarette in people's faces as they are within centimeters of her hot ashing ciggie....there's nothing like rubbing up on strangers on FNO to put a smile on my face! Ha! Seriously. This SF girl from the burbs thoroughly enjoys the brief madness of the city for one night.

Soooo, where did I go? First off, I headed to the thick of it around Prince and Broadway where I made stops in Bloomingdales,TopShop, Steve Madden, the Victoria's Secret PINK store, miu miu, Tiffany's, Frye, BCBG and my most fave stop had to be 3.1 Philip Lim. Nothing like getting a fresh cocktail with a super awesome comic book...not just ANY comic book silly! The coveted 3.1 Phillip Lim comic book!

*my personal instagram photos

The "Kill The Night" comic-inspired collection is 1000% covetable. The sweater retailed at about $420 and the cosmetics bag at about $375, but don't quote me....I was trying hard not to look at the price tags, knowing that they were definitely going to remain on my wish list! But I loved the collection's fun pieces.....still thinking hard about that sweater....and I kinda don't want to remove my comic book from its plastic....what if it's worth something in the fashion world one day? You never know.

So, after lusting over miu miu bags and Phillip Lim sweaters I backtracked down to the Nolita neighborhood of Soho and headed to Elizabeth Street where I popped into my fave Vince store and I definitely made a stop at the Haute Hippie boutique which was rockin' the night away with a DJ spinning and Skinnygirl cocktails all around...Haute Hippe, like Phillip Lim played it smart and safe and had plenty of drinks to go throughout the night....there's nothing more annoying than arriving at BCBG, standing in the drink line only to hear, "We're ALL out of alcohol." That's usually my cue (and everyone else's) to take off to the next venue...I mean hello? If you want people to drop the big bux, a little cocktail certainly goes a long way....just sayin'...STOCK UP!

As I said, the Haute Hippie chickadees know how to throw a party.

Obviously I was smitten over the swarovski'd out long horns...too bad that puppy wasn't for sale...Haute Hippie, if you ever redecorate, holler at your Cali girl!!

All in all, I had a fantastic time hopping from one party to the next, meeting strangers and making friends...this is part of why I love NYC.

And while most of Soho was alive last night, I was surprised by a couple venues who decided to go a different route.

(1) Scoop NYC and Intermix stores in Soho = DEAD. I walked by and was shocked to find both stores virtually empty. Now, obvi I know that Scoop NYC always has a raging soiree in their Meatpacking shop but might not hurt to appear a tad more welcoming at the Soho, play some damn music, smile, act like you want people to come in, maybe? I was also told I couldn't photograph anything...the one and ONLY store of the evening that I encountered who didn't want pictures taken. Strange considering the majority of stores welcome the photos and all types of social media on Fashion's Night Out. Needless to say, I left Scoop pretty damn fast...whomp whomp.

(2) What happened to the "infamous" Kardashian sister's store DASH? I happened to walk by their stoop and lights were off, doors locked before 9pm? Did they even do anything for FNO in their NYC store? Assumed it would have been rocking with their egregious fan

(3) Victoria's Secret and Aritizia disappointed me both equally in that their stores were hosting private events, to which I naturally took offense. Gimme a break! The one night where every venue is ushering as many people as possible into their shopping havens. Vicky's and Aritzia were literally turning hundreds of people away at their doors....pretty sweet plan dudes. 


So, with all said, FNO kicked ass as always! And I can only wonder what next year has in store.


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