Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ditsies is more than just panties...

Lucky me! Yea...I considered myself pretty damn lucky that the lovelies behind up and coming NEW company, Ditsies sent me these fab lacey panties to wear during NYFW!! Don't worry...I didn't pull a Lady Gaga and wear them on my head or over my leggings...haaahaaaaaa! What girl doesn't love to receive a little lace? What you wear under your outfits is just as important as your outfit itself.

The lace is so soft and the thongs I was sent are very comfortable...

But let's get to the point....there are lace panties everywhere, right? From Hanky Panky's to Victoria's Secret. So, what's special about Ditisies panties? Owner and creator, Jacqueline Sandberg shared...

The Ditsies Motto:

"Your favorite pair of undies shouldn't cost $20+. By cutting out the middlemen, Ditsies members get luxury intimates delivered monthly for less."

The Ditisies Mission:

"We want to make women feel great about buying undies; Ditsies is supposed to be fun, funny, ethical, spontaneous, beautiful, high quality. Designs are really form flattering (no elastic at waist), our fabrics are super soft. And we're about women helping women. You can treat yourself & someone else."

Ditisies Inspiration:

"So when I was a broke grad student, I still loved 'splurging' on quality undies. Boston winters in snow boots and parkas - I mean something had to be pretty. But it sucked dropping so much dough for so few items. That, and I had to go to like a million bachelorette/bridesmaids events, and would feel really underwhelmed showing up with $30 worth of goodies that amounted to 1 panty rolled like a pill bottle. And I would never bother hand washing and line drying (which is what you're supposed to do for lace)...Also, I thought a big part of what makes me feel good about my undies is that I know it's really well made, and made ethically & fairly. And, if I could treat myself and feel like I was doing something positive at the same time, all the better. So a childhood friend and I started Ditsies!"

How the Ditsies Membership will Work:

"Basically, you tell us a few things about your undies preferences:

1) Size

2) Styles (thong, boyshort, mix)

3) A sliding color scale (pastels, brights, mix)

4) Pick one of our non-profit partners (Breast Cancer research fund or Somaly Mam Sewing Cooperative for Cambodian women), OR skip this step & WE donate part of your payment to 'em and that's it. We will send you a panty per your profile each month and charge your card $12 (free shipping). You can skip a month, or change your profile anytime."

The Ditsies Launch:

"We're going to launch with the cheeky boyshort...We should go live at the end of the month."

Panties for a cause...genius! I love the concept of women helping women so you better believe I'm ALL signed up and ready and waiting! SIGN UP HERE!

And after getting a priveledged sneak peek at what's to come, I'm super excited and so thankful to Jacqueline for my new lacey lovelies, for being so openly candid with her explanation of the company AND for providing another exclusive sneak peek pair of panties for ONE of my lucky readers!! (That was a total run-on grammar psycho in me just popped out! Haa!)

So, you guessed it....I saved my BEST NYFW Giveaway for last! 


(1) "Like" the Ditsies Facebook Fan Page! A total must! :)

(2) "Like" the Shopping, Saving & Sequins Facebook Fan Page...duh!

(3) Leave a comment on this blog post with your FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS & what your favorite style panties are...don't be shy ladies! Thongs? Boy shorts?? Good 'ol comfy "Granny Panties"??? Haahaaa! Let us know!

To keep up with Ditsies via their other social media platforms, you can be sure to follow Ditsies via Twitter and Instagram at @Ditsies. And of course you can find them on good 'ol Pinterest as well.

*Giveaway starts today, September 17th EST and will come to an end on September 25th at Midnight PST. One winner will be chosen and will have 48 hours to claim prize.


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