Sunday, September 9, 2012

Candy Store - Taking Over NYFW!

Candy Store. You're going to freakin' love it. These accessories are some of the most exciting things I own. And yes, I am being 100% serious. So, you're probably thinking that these brightly colored things look like your kids toys, and truthfully, your kids would probably love them as much as you do.

When Candy Store popped up on my radar, I was intrigued because all their items really do look candy-licious and I couldn't wait to see and feel what they were like!

And I'm not alone. Every time I've whipped out my candy blue cosmetics bag or my bright green mirror to make sure I'm looking my New York fashion week best, someone has come up and said something along the lines of "Ooooohhh....those look fun! What are they? Who makes this stuff??"

Candy Store is a recent addition to the fashion world, and a much-needed one if you ask me because the secret to this line's awesomeness is that each piece is made of silicone.

And this is the point where you say, what? Silicone? Big deal.....well, it is a big deal because take note of why the silicone makes these accessories the bomb.

(1) Totally 100% durable silicone. Meaning, they're impermeable to tears, stains and color fading. My blue cosmetics pouch got some smudges from my eye liner rolling around in my bag and guess what? I freaked out for about half a second until I realized the stain literally rubbed right off. And a damp towel took care of it completely, like nothing ever happened! Very cool.

(2) The silicone stretches just the right amount so your little odds and ends will fit just fine.

(3) Hello. Just look at these colors! Can we say conversation piece?? And let me tell you, it's always important to have an exciting conversation piece at New York fashion week.

Candy Store not only wanted to hook me up for NYFW, they want to spread the Candy love to THREE lucky readers too!


(1) You must "Like" the Candy Store Facebook Page.

(2) You must "Like" the Shopping, Saving & Sequins Facebook Page.

(3) You must simply leave a comment on this blog post with your first name, your contact email and tell me what S/S 2013 show you would love to see at NYFW! All of these items must be completed to have a legit submission, so don't leave anything out!

To check out where you can find crazy affordable Candy Store accessories in YOUR town, check out their website at where you can see their range of products, colors and find out where to buy. Candy Store Style can be found at Macy's, Nordstrom & Henri Bendel to name a few. 

You can also keep up with Candy via their Twitter and Pinterest pages too!

*The Giveaway will begin tonight, September 9th 2012 and come to an end on September 18th 2012 at Midnight. Three winners will be chosen. One coin purse, One mirror and One cosmetics pouch will be the prizes, each winner receiving ONE of the three items mentioned in your desired color (you'll have 8 funn colors to choose from!) 

Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize after you have been contacted.


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