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What's your definition of a "timeless" bag?

Last month, news around the blogosphere quickly spread that fashion publication InStyle was bringing on designer Tory Burch to head up their advice column, "Ask a Designer". Women's Wear Daily provided a sneak peek at Burch's advice:
To a 35-year-old woman with two kids looking for a timeless bag, Burch recommends Celine’s $3,250 Trapeze. Another reader wants to know what looks good on women with long torsos and short legs. A high-waist skirt or a caftan, Burch answers.
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....well, I know a lot of us scoffed at Burch's advice because while most of us can agree that the gorgeous Celine bag is undeniably timeless, $3,250 (before taxes) is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD for a typical "35-year-old woman with two kids". I wasn't alone on my thoughts regarding this advice as you can see HERE, where the Huffington Post Style column also weighed in on Burch's somewhat impractical recommendation.
I know Tory B. wasn't intentionally adding a pretentious tone to her sincere answer, but it's hard not to get that vibe (if you will) when the advice is to go out and spend your whole savings account.
Call me crazy, but I guess I was expecting Tory to recommend one of her own bags perhaps?? Maybe self-promotion was not the way she wanted to go...but I beg to differ. I think Tory Burch, as a whole, is destined to be a classic & timeless brand. But that's just me.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is that a lot of the time the addage, "You get what you pay for," is true in every sense. If you truly want a "timeless" bag, I'm going to suggest that you do pick an investment piece....just not a $3,250+ investment piece. While we would all love to bathe ourselves in a pile of Chanel's (the ultimate timeless bag) reality cuts in...but it's really not all that bad my loves. We still have options...
Here are 10 bags $1000 and Under (in no particular order) that I consider classic/timeless...some edgy, some fun, some perfectly lady-like...and maybe you won't have to trade in your kids education to indulge yourself in one of these fabulous options:

The bag comes in 5 different shades, this cobalt blue being my choice. Available for purchase HERE.

 "The Nanny Bag" as it is other wise known as, is my top choice and ultimate favorite. I'm a big fan of NYC designers & sisters Bridget and Megan Torregrossa. Purchase "The Nanny Bag" HERE!

The bag comes in other shades, this camel color being my choice. Available for purchase HERE.

I absolutely love the Waverly collection from Lodis and this satchel really livens up an otherwise typical black bag. Available for purchase HERE.

The tote comes in a variety of shades. Available for purchase HERE.

Diane von Furstenberg is the epitome of timeless and she is one of my personal faves. I'm addicted to anything DVF and this color once again calls to me. Available for purchase HERE!

The Bowler comes in classic black as well. Available for purchase HERE.

Whether you adore LV or simply consider them to be overrated, the brand is a timeless classic that cannot be denied. One of my favorites is the Speedy 35 in this Damier Azur color. Available for purchase HERE.

Can't go wrong with a classic Kate Spade. Available for purchase HERE.

The leather simply beckons to me. The studds on the bottom are perfection. Timeless with an edge I love. Available for purchase HERE!

Happy Shopping & Saving as always! xo

*photos c/o Lodis, Louis Vuitton,, Barney's,, Brahmin,, Bloomigdale's.

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