Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm not a DIY kinda girl, but this mask is too easy not to try at home!

Lemon's are great for just about anything...I use them for multiple tasks from making them a part of my mani/pedi routines to slicing them up and boiling them in water on the stove to leave the house smelling subtly lemon fresh!
But one of my most favorite uses is this lemon/crushed aspirin facial mask my sister got me hooked on. My sis is the ultimate DIY girl and if she ever had the time, she'd have an awesome blog dedicated to all her projects and home remedies she's learned about and created herself.

Simple as can be ~ you crush up some aspirin with a mortar and pestle (or whatever have you) and then slice a lemon in half, spreading the crushed aspirin mixture all over one of the lemon slices. Presto! Start smearing that stuff all over your face...exfoliates, diminishes acne scars and sun spots and yes, it's acidic, so expect a slight sting/tingle as you rub the lemon/aspirin all over your face. Obviously, if you have very sensitive skin, you'll want to just try it out on a small section of your face and see how you react to it before spreading all over.

I try to do this mask at least once every 2 weeks. I love it! You guys have probably seen me tweet pictures of myself masking it this one! LoL.....

There you have it! Another fun little beauty post for you to try out...enjoy! xo

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