Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Chocolate Lovers Dream Come True - Recipe Post #2

It's taken me years, yes, years to get this one right. Don't laugh! The recipe is simple enough but it's taken me time to get it just perfect. And let me tell was worth the all the efforts because this truly is a chocolate lovers dream!

What You Need:
- 4 ounces of semi-sweet baking chocolate
- 4 tablespoons butter
- 1 large egg
- 1/3 cup of sugar
- Pinch of salt
- 1 tablespoon of flour

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Melt the chocolate & butter together in a small microwaveable bowl; stopping the microwave every now and then to stir up the chocolate and butter mixture so it melts evenly...about 2 minutes total. I try not to let the chocolate melt completely in the microwave. I realized it's better to let the mixture finish melting OUTSIDE the microwave, as the bowl is still super hot and will naturally finish melting the mixture. This avoids actually "cooking" the chocolate in the microwave which you don't want because it will affect how your cakes cook in the oven....THIS is one of those minor details I finally caught on to after years of perfecting this recipe!
I just keep stirring the mixture till I feel all the chunks of chocolate have broken down....

 Put your chocolate mixture to the side.
Whisk the egg, sugar and salt together really, REALLY well until it's light and yellow. I let my KitchenAid whisk the hell out of this part for about 4-5 minutes to get it extra light!
Then, fold in the chocolate melted goodness. After the chocolate concoction is set, mix in the flour until fully incorporated.
Lightly spray your cupcake tin and pour in your batter which should encompass exactly 4 cupcake spaces and then BAKE for 12 minutes, just until the tops crack...

Removed from the oven, using mits or a towel, place aluminum foil over the top of the cakes and seal on all sides while you quickly turn over the cupcake tin onto a flat surface. Once turned over, give the tin a good bang on the bottom to ensure that the cakes pop out well...

Once the little guys are turned over, upside down, quickly scoop them up with a spatula and turn them right-side up so the chocolate goo inside doesn't spill out...

Serve immediately! I like to add powdered sugar to mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...simply amazeballs people. ENJOY!!

*This recipe was taken from "Young & Hungry" by Dave Lieberman

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