Saturday, December 10, 2011

Urbanwalls Wall Decals - You're going to LOVE this one!

Okay, so one day as I was scrolling down my facebook feed, I happened to come across a post from The Doctor's Closet (another fashion blog I keep tabs on from time to time). She was very enthusiastic about this company called Urbanwalls Wall Decals and to tell you the truth, the photos instantly caught my eye. I had to check it out and I loved what I saw.

When I saw how these decals transformed those rooms in the photos above I was instantly inspired! I thought why not give it a whirl since I've been transforming my dressing room/office space....Naturally, I thought something to do with my blog would be fun so I contacted Danielle Hardy with Urbanwalls via their Etsy Store to see what they could do.
I sent her a photo of my space so she had an idea of what I was trying to convey. My request was simple and after emailing back and forth we settled on a design and color and size I liked....and then, Danielle surprised me when my order suddenly appeared in my mailbox on Friday afternoon! A very sweet surprise no doubt!

So, this morning, coffee in hand, I set about gathering what I needed to get this big sticker on my wall having never done a home project quite like this before....I really didn't want to screw this up! I realized I was over thinking the process and I just needed to jump in and DO IT!!

(1) Here I had rolled out my sticker from its poster tube and cut around the lettering. Since this was relatively small, I just did it as one big sticker as opposed to cutting everything out individually.

(2) I lightly taped the whole thing to the wall where I figured I wanted it. I did this just to be sure THIS was where I wanted my decal to go. Once I was satisfied, I took it off the wall and VERY CAREFULLY removed the tacky paper from the sticker and stuck the sticker back onto the wall where I had decided it was going to go...LIGHTLY. After I made a couple adjustments to make sure it was going to go on straight, I began rubbing down on the whole sticker in small, brisk, hard circles. Then, taking my drivers license, I rubbed it over the gold lettering making sure I got each letter good. Now, time to peel away the sticker to reveal the gold lettering.....

(3) Here I was very lightly pulling back the sticker to reveal the decal! Looking good!! Looking real good!!

Presto! Isn't she lovely? I love the gold metallic against the green wall...exactly how I pictured it, only so much better. This went so well it obviously got me thinking about the other rooms in the house that we are slowly but surely changing up....endless possibilites because Urbanwalls has plenty of decals you can choose from should you not want to design your own.

I absolutely love how this looks in my room...personalizing it. Thank you so much Danielle! It's fantastic.

Loving what you see? Then you'll be glad to know that you can follow along with Urbanwalls by clicking on any of the links below:

So, hope you all liked!! This was a fun one for me. 

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