Monday, December 5, 2011

Eyedews - my latest beauty obsession...and all it took was one try

One of the reasons I love interacting with my readers via social media is because of the new things you guys introduce me to all the time. One of my long-time readers, Nicole, said I should try out something called Eyedews. I had never heard of them and, as usual, wary to purchase anything I haven't heard of before. 

Well, I was in luck. Eyedews thought I needed to be informed about their wondrous product too and sent me some to try out! Yay!! NOW, I can give you guys my report...and it's a fantastic one.

I put my Eyedews in the refridgerator to properly chill 

them...that's the best part! When you take these clear 
jelly masks & place them on your under-eye area, they 
instantly deliver a shot of cold freshness that seriously excites you to lay back, relax, and allow the eyedew masks to perform their magic....

I'm SOLD! And so will you after you try these out for the first

time because once was ALL it took to reel me in. 

I'm definitely a new fan and grateful to have found some

thing that actually WORKS. To see and feel results after the

first shot was almost too good to be true! 


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