Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Good to be a Winner at Bloomingdale's...Really Good!

This was THE Winning outfit for Day 1 of the Bloomingdale's 11 Day Style Contest way back in March...and naturally, I couldn't believe it. 

My winning outfit consisted of lace-front Sena leggings, Frye boots, a long Alice + Olivia black tank under a nude/sheer Alice + Olivia blouse topped off with a scarf, pearls and a Cole Haan bag....It's all in the details ladies...all in the details! 

And wow...did it pay off!

Bloomingdale's provided flights round trip a guest and I so we asked to be booked on Virgin since we wanted to try out this new airline, and it was pretty cool! Yes. BIG fan of TV screens for everyone...definitely made the time pass fast as I was one eager girl to get to NYC.

We got off the plane and were promptly whisked off to our hotel by an awaiting car which was also arranged by the fabulous people with Bloomingdale's! Easy-Peazy! No standing around in the heat & humidity waiting for a cab...nope. Not us! Off we went to check-in for our 3 day/2night stay at The Alex Hotel located in midtown, specifically on 45th between 2nd & 3rd. 

I loved our stay at The Alex. Great location and a totally welcoming and friendly staff. We had a very easy check-in thanks to Bloomingdale's once again picking up the tab. And when we got to our room, we were amazed! Bloomie's booked us in a faboosh corner suite set up with a kitchen and all...and as if they hadn't done enough, Bloomingdale's had a Welcome Gift sitting on the table when we walked in.

The sweet touch consisted of a stunning leather Carlos Falchi metallic tote that was stuffed with goodies ~ an Elizabeth Hurley rose-scented candle and traveling accessories which made my return-trip back to SF much more comfortable.

So, we got situated in our uber mod-styled room and I immediately headed for a soak in the bath because we had a cocktail party to attend 2 hours after we checked-in. 

Bloomingdale's arranged a light cocktail party to welcome all the winners in a special room upstairs in the hotel bar. And of course, I was "fashionably late!" I was so excited to wear my new leopard printed Weston Wear dress with my Louboutins...

I had such a great time meeting people and finally putting some faces to some names...

Monika of Anytime Scarf and I thought Bloomingdale's threw us a fabulous little soiree...I had a blast...Here I am celebrating the $5,000 gift card Bloomingdale's handed out at the cocktail party.

And in typical "Vanessa-fashion" I celebrated till late in the night and made life difficult on myself the next morning...but it was worth it...sort of...I had sooo much fun.

Saturday morning, 9am sharp, cars awaited us outside our hotel to take us to the mothership...and once again, I was late! This west coast fashionista was definitely still running on Cali-time! 

Jet-lagged and hungover, I put on my BIG shades and prepared myself. But NOTHING could have prepared me for the sheer awe of walking in to the Bloomingdale's 59th Street Store in NYC completely and utterly empty. A door man held open the giant glass door and said, "Welcome," and for a brief moment I totally forgot the champagne that was casting a shadow on my morning! 

I felt like little orphan Annie walking into the Daddy Warbucks mansion for the very first I was, the store (an entire city block) all to me and the other winners. Simply surreal. We were promptly escorted past CHANEL to the private shoppers area where the day of shopping was to commence...

I joined the fellow winners and their guests. Fruit plates, juice, coffee all laid out for us to have a quick, light breakfast while we were all introduced to our personal shoppers. The wonderful, WONDERFUL ladies who helped me shop it up were Evie and Patricia. 

They surpassed any expectations I had. So sweet and down-to-earth...Patricia was so accomodating and understanding when I let her know this gal was going to need to take a break from how overwhelming the whole experience was...okay...I was hungover as all hell and almost tossed-up in the middle of CHANEL. Dear God. Soooo.....

I returned to The Alex for some rest and then went back to Bloomingdale's later that afternoon to shop with my best friend Rachel who lives in Jersey, and thankfully graced me and Bloomie's with her presence. I just couldn't shop without her and she snapped photos of everything for me....while occasionally fanning me so I wouldn't pass out (still hungover)....

After having a fit session, I left the lovely confines of my private fitting room to explore this massive Bloomingdale's and ended up smitten with a bag over at Miu Miu...and let me add, by the way, that Rachel & I fell in love with the sales peeps over at Miu Miu...extremely fun bunch! I had a great time spending money there.

And after I shopped till I dropped...that phrase has never rung more true than after this experience, I bid my farewells to my shoppers and to the best store I've ever been in my entire life. 

The shopping done, most of the gift card spent, Rachel and I walked the streets gabbing and catching up and just loving being in the same city together. The perfect end to a beyond amazing day. 

We snagged a cab and headed back to The Alex where we sadly said our goodbye's and parted ways. I relaxed and enjoyed our final evening in the city...can we say room service? Most definitely.

We got a late check-out the following day, took a quick last stroll over to Bloomie's I said goodbye...again! So hard to leave when we had such a great time. We got back to The Alex just in time to be picked up by the car service that Bloomingdale's arranged to take us back to JFK for our return flight to SFO. They thought of it all...not one detail missed. Not one thing overlooked. I was thoroughly impressed. It was as if it was all a dream...a most magnificent dream.

Bloomingdale's took care of shipping all my purchases to me and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival! So, you will all have to keep posted because the next blog post will be focused ENTIRELY on EVERYTHING I bought with the $5K gift card! You'll see all the key pieces I bought and how I've styled them. Very exciting indeed! I can hardly wait. 

A huge thank you to Bloomingdale's for treating us like royalty. Nothing could beat this truly unreal experience and how perfectly it was all carried out.


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