Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meeting Carolina Herrera

Meeting Carolina Herrera ~

First of all, I was so nervous I was shaking in my new Pour la Victoire's. Seriously. I was nervous because I really didn't know what to expect. How many people would be there...would I actually get to meet her in person...what will she be like...AND did I pick the right outfit for this? Good grief! 

So many thoughts going through my head...

And then Carolina Herrera arrived looking magnanimous and regal as she walked through Neiman's. Sensational to say the least. Her outfit was impeccable. She was flawless. And she was so gracious to pose with me for a couple photos.

Now, if only I could have been as flawless as Ms. Herrera...upon asking her to sign a copy of her look book for me, I had a, ahem, "moment of insanity" and completely forgot my name! I mean she asked me my name and I said, Vanessa....the problem was she then asked me if I spelled it with 2 s's and what do you know...I gave her the blankest look you've ever seen. Unbelievable how these things happen to me. 

Thankfully, she just had a damn good laugh! The way I look at it is if I at least made her smile, then all was good...

The dresses and the furs were of dreams, the people I met were amazing and Carolina Herrera was lovely. She was only scheduled to visit us at the San Francisco Neiman Marcus from 11-12am, just one hour. 

I was thrilled that there wasn't an overwhelming crowd of people and I was able to have quite the interlude, even if I did make a slight fool of myself. Definitely a day to remember. I hope you enjoy the photos which were courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography.


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