Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Abercrombie Dress You Have to Have

Listen. I'm just as shocked as you are that I've been shopping at Abercrombie. I hadn't been into one of their stores since freshman year of college - about the time A&F became decidedly uncool to me. You remember how 10, 15 years ago the brand had their logo prominently displayed on anything and everything. It was the same time period when having "JUICY" splashed across your bum wasn't just accepted, it was the epitome of a generation. I mean who WERE you if you didn't have Juicy track suits in at least 3 different colors....getting a smidge off topic here but I digress, Abercrombie has made a blip on my radar.

And you absolutely need the Cold-Shoulder Maxi Dress I bought in the 2 colors they had. Mind you only the cream one is still available and it's no wonder why. This dress is perfection! I adore it. The layers, the's lovely. And it's on SALE now for $46. Down from it's original $78. 

Abercrombie 'Cold-Shoulder Maxi' CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

As I've been shopping A&F recently, I discovered that they throw sales ALL. THE. TIME. I became a member so I could rack up points for all my purchases which in turn rewards me with $10 credits. And those $10 credits are great when you're already scooping something on sale. I got these dresses last month and paid about $38 each with their sales and promos. Make sure you sign up for their emails! I took the next step and downloaded their app because it's worth it.

I'll leave all the denim, bodysuits & swimsuits I've bought there for another post....yes, Abercrombie is that good.

Abercrombie 'Cold-Shoulder Maxi' in navy - sold out in this color

Happy Shopping & Saving!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Shop my TOBI picks!

Shop the latest must-have Summer pieces you've seen me wearing on insta, Thanks to online shopping destination, TOBI.

Links to purchase everything available are below.

These deals are so good. You're going to LOVE shopping at TOBI. Definitely a new fave for me.

Happy Shopping & Saving!

*for reference, I'm wearing a size small in both dresses and the bodysuit featured above.



Thursday, July 6, 2017

Because Unicorns!

Unicorns! Yassss...the craze is everywhere this Summer. So while you may not have been a fan of Starbucks & their "Unicorn Frappuccino", you might want to try something a little more...alcoholic. Nothing like a little booze to bring out your inner unicorn know you want to try it...

Leave it to Captain Morgan to whip up the most fun Summer cocktail, inspired by unicorns, naturally! 

The main ingredient being the NEW Captain Morgan LocoNut - Caribbean rum, coconut liqueur. Yum!

So, here's what you're going to need:

6 oz. Coconut water
2 oz. Captain Morgan LocoNut liqueur 
0.25 oz. Grenadine
0.25 oz. Genuine Curacao liqueur 

Fill glass w/ ice. Add coconut water. Add Captain Morgan LocoNut & stir. Drizzle Grenadine over cocktail first so it sits at the bottom. Then, drizzle the Curacao second so it sits on the top. Cheers!

*optional - before you start your cocktail, wet the rim of the glass & dip it in edible live that unicorn life...sip, sip, yay!

Try your hand at whipping up the Loco Unicorn Cocktail & share it on your facebook or instagram or twitter using #LOCONUT & #LOCOunicorn 

Have fun with this cocktail! We went all out for 4th of July fun in the backyard & not a detail was missed. From sequins and silly straws to sparkly unicorn stir sticks and unicorn horn candy...

And what's a themed cocktail without costumes?? Ha! Brought out a unicorn head mask. And in true Captain Morgan form, we had to have a pirates brim. Ay, AY Captain! And thanks for the drinks!

Watch me quickly whip up a #LocoUnicorn!




Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Satin > cotton isn't exactly a groundbreaking proclamation. Nevertheless, a lot of you have been waiting to hear my thoughts on satin and silk pillowcases. I happened to find a bunch of satin pillowcases at Marshalls. On a whim, I bought pillowcases from 2 of the brands that Marshalls was stocking. 

MAJOR TIP: Do NOT buy the pillowcases by a brand called "revive". They suck. Not only do they feel like shit. They are shit. After one wash, they both had holes where the seams had easily come apart. They retailed for $14.99 at Marshalls....DO buy the other brand I've seen permeating their beauty section. I believe it's called "Morning Glamour". So far I've been using & washing the satin pillowcases by Morning Glamour for about 3 months, just fine. Excellent quality. 

So, when you're bargain-shopping at Marshalls, keep that major tip on what brand to buy in mind so you don't waste your time, money or patience!
Okay, so let's discuss results. So far, my experience using these satin pillowcases has been stellar. I love them! I can't go back to our cotton ones...bae can have them. It's satin for me. Now, obviously I would love to get silk cases but they are significantly pricier. So, for now, I've settled for these satin ones and they seem to be doing the trick. 

I have found that the best and most obvious benefit from using satin pillow cases is how it seriously extends my blowout. Which limits my reliance on dry shampoo. It really does wonders for my hair. The satin, as opposed to cotton, helps keep my hairstyle longer because there's a lot less oil buildup. My hair easily glides against the slick satin, letting it breathe, which also cuts down on breakage. Whereas cotton holds my hair in place while smothering it in trapped hair & facial oils. 
Another supposed benefit from the light slick texture of the satin is it helps guard against pesky, inevitable facial wrinkles! Sign me up. Ask me in 10 years on the wrinkles-claim!

The satin allows better air flow than cotton. So, you'll notice you probably won't overheat as much while you're sleeping as you would with cotton, which traps the heat your body produces.....totally sounds like I'm shitting on cotton. Not true. I just prefer to use satin for my pillowcases now that I've experienced the difference. I just sleep better on satin. It feels so nice on my face and I think, facilitates me falling asleep faster.

So, I'm sure if these satin pillowcases are working wonders on my hair then I can only assume silk ones must be amazing....till I decide to splurge, satin it is! And speaking of satin, I've linked my satin pajamas below. Because naturally, these are a must while you wait to splurge on silk jammies too.


*Both sets are from online retailer, Missguided. For sizing references mine are a size 4. Although I could easily take a 6 and and 8 if I really want a baggy look. When I got my pajama sets, it was during a site-wide 50% OFF sale. SCORE. Missguided has sales ALL the time, so sign up for their emails to be in the know!



Thursday, June 8, 2017

Smoooooty time!

If you follow me via my instagram and/or snapchat channels, then you know all about my latest habit. Strawberry-banana smoothies. Almost daily. Besides being yummy, they're so good for you! And I notoriously skip out on breakfast because I can only really stomach coffee and a croissant in the weee hours of the day. So, smoothies around lunch-time are perfect.

I basically went from drinking hot tea every day in the fall/winter to now drinking smoothies during the spring/ here's a super quick post on 

A) what I do to simplify the process 
B) what exact ingredients I use because everybody does it differently.

Every Sunday I get fresh strawberries, that I wash, chop & portion-out into sandwich bags & pop them into the freezer. Every day (more or less) I take out a pre-portioned-out bag of strawberries to toss into the blender.

Strawberries, frozen, taste just fine! Don't worry about them losing their taste. Granted, I eat these all within the week and always start over with a fresh batch for the following week.

I do NOT freeze my bananas! Strawberries, yes. Naners, nope. I always toss in a fresh banana. Mainly because bananas can obviously sit out on your counter all week & are good to go. Buuuut, frozen bananas are just, ew. For lack of a better explanation. They get all dark and squishy and um, no thanks. NO need to freeze bananas. Takes 2 second to peel and put in the blender.

So, here's exactly what I put into my smoothie:

- 1/3 cup Milk (whatever your preference)
- toss in those frozen strawberries
- one fresh banana
- 3 generous scoops of ice cream (again, your preference. My fave is Tillamook vanilla bean.) Not a fan of Dreyers btw.
- honey to taste. I use honey instead of sugar to sweeten it up. so good!
- lastly I toss in a few ice cubes at the end, after the smoothie has already been blended up. Ices cubes at the end give it a nice extra chill!

By the way, my blender is the shit. It's a Waring Pro. And it's a champ.

And that's all she wrote!


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