Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Thanksgiving  is tomorrow. Whoa. Which means there are literally only 29 days left till Christmas. And then it's New Year's Eve and before you know it, 2016 is on your doorstep. Woof....take a breath....take a seat...and relax. Even if it' just for a moment. 

Thanksgiving is the tip off for a month-long parade of family get-together's, office holiday parties, Christmas cocktails with the girls and basically just a whole lot of festivities. Which undoubtedly means you're going to need a dress. And probably, more than one or two.

A lot of people find it hard or just downright impossible to justify spending money on themselves this time of year because let's face it, Christmas is expensive. Especially if you're the social butterfly and get invited to just about everything. That means stocking up on hostess gifts AND new outfits that friends, family & colleagues haven't seen yet. Because hell-O! It's the holidays. It's time to spruce yourself up and impress! BUT, let's not break the bank in all this impressing......

My new favorite dress this season is mean truth be told, you can never go wrong with a black dress...unless you're heading to a white party. Then by all means, do not wear black. This fabulous frock was a total steal from Necessary Clothing. $20 people. Uh-huh. It was on sale for $20! The dress is still available on in black and red, for slightly more than the $20 sale price I got a month ago. I love this dress! It's chic. It's sexy. It's playful. It's cheeeeeeap. 

Gorgeous dresses don't have to throw you into a debt at a time of year when you're already dishing out the dough, and a lot of it.

So, I've put together collages showing you some awesome dresses that will keep you totally stylish....whether you WANT to fork out for an investment piece OR stay within a budget. Here are some faves I've rounded up! 


TARGET (budget friendly)

URBAN OUTFITTERS (budget friendly)


ASOS (budget friendly)


NECESSARY CLOTHING (budget friendly)




Sunday, November 22, 2015

He's a little bit country. I'm a little bit rock n roll.

Recently I was approached by Minted, an e-commerce company based in San Francisco, to collaborate on a post and honestly their timing couldn't have been sweeter. Their amazing website has a wonderfully curated collection of art by artists from all over the world. And lucky me, I got to choose from the most impressive assortment.

Wanting to be selective about what piece I chose, I decided to concentrate on the only room in my house that was completely devoid of any decor....

And so the planning got kicked into high gear when my boyfriend moved in with me. My personal boudoir is literally like sleeping in a dressing room (I have a hot pink bed frame & rolling racks filled with clothes & shoes covering every wall) so we decided it was best to leave my room as it is and start fresh in the empty bedroom. After all, boys typically come with their own furniture. And this is the room where it was going to go. 

Now it was up to me to figure out how I was going to meld both our styles to create a peaceful room that represented us both. He likes country and has a minimalist approach to style. As in he really couldn't care me? Well, I've got a flair for bright and shiny. Taking into consideration I take up like every other room in the house, I thought I would focus on making this more of a room he would like to be in. So, we decided to keep his bed, his dresser and his nightstand in the room. And THAT was all I had to work with.

Enter Minted. I had an empty palate of a room (just a boys bed, dresser & nightstand) and ZERO clue how I was going to make this work. So, with both our styles in mind, I perused the photography selections on because I knew that was the type of art print I was looking for. Now, I just needed to find something that inspired me and settle on it. And from there a theme naturally unraveled....



The artwork I selected from Minted is a cool limited edition photograph by California native, Andrea Ament. Appropriately titled Motel, the midcentury neon signage made for a fabulous photo. Taken in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, off of the infamous Route 66.


I went with a 30x40 sized print. 
Standard paper & framing.
I added the option for the artists signature on the print.
And I chose the option for a premium white wood frame.'s how the large piece arrived. Quickly, with no problems during ordering, shipping or unpacking.



My light-up 'love' marquee sign was a total score. Scooped that one at Marshalls in the clearance section for about $9. Runs on batteries. Perfect.

You can't go wrong with white bedding when you have to incorporate a boy's aesthetics into the game. Sheets + comforter set all came from Target. Big shocker. Links to purchase below.



Mirrored side table is $79.99 at Target. And absolutely worth it. Plus I got discounts on this piece and everything else since it was all in the 'house' category. Score.

The faux fur rug just $12.99 at IKEA. Links to purchase everything below.



In conclusion, everything else I brought into the room, I found in other rooms of my house. That's probably the biggest, best and most well-known "decorating on a budget" tip, ever.

The Moroccan rug. The cedar chest. The chair. The throw. The lighting. ALL elements brought together from other parts of my house. 

And that is how I made a bedroom both of us can appreciate.

*NOTE: Do not place cute little cactus plants on your boyfriend's nightstand, next to his alarm clock...unless you're looking for more thrilling ways of waking up in the morning.