Sunday, January 15, 2017

Maybe it's Maybelline.

Yes. I got these products freeeeee for testing & reviewing purposes. But this is my honest opinion. And opinions I definitely have. So, the new Big Shot mascara is just your regular old mascara packaged in a must-have gold bottle. The mascara is really no different than the majority of mascaras currently out on the market. 

For real though. How much more volume, plumpness, longer lashes, etc. can they deliver? Has there been some major mascara formula break-through? Nope. So, with all that said, I do like the mascara. It does the trick. But more so I'm all about that gold packaging. It definitely stands out in the vast sea of options. 

I don't have any improvements to recommend other than to MAYBE stop trying to push out yet another "NEW" mascara that really has nothing new to it other than the pretty packaging. Just say it for what it is. Guess what everyone, our mascara is still the same great stuff but behold our fabulous NEW GOLD BOTTLE! For real. A lot of times, I will buy a product simply because I'm attracted to the packaging. Who cares what's inside?! Ha! So maybe next time, Maybelline, just keep it real and say you're introducing a fun, new bold bottle. I'd probably be more inclined to buy it. Just sayin....

Maybelline's new liquid liner is what really stole the show here. I was lucky to receive this to test out and I'm SOLD. SOLD! It's magic. I love this liner like whoa. Finally. After all my searching, fits of anger, cursing....I can do a cat eye in seconds. Instead of the 30 minutes + it typically took me. I'm not very make-up savvy so liner has always been a little bitch with me. The Master Precise Curvy liquid liner fits in your hand easy, with a pen-like grip which facilitates life. Then the magic tip is shaped so you literally cannot eff this up. Well, you can always eff it up but Maybelline has made life so much easier with this product. You hold it like a pen and draw on your liner in a cinch. Trust me. You need this.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year - New Giveaway!


First of all, let me apologize for the hot minute it took me to get this fun giveaway up on the site. Apparently working from the mountains this week didn't pan out as planned. The wi-fi signal sucked and therefore the giveaway was put on hold.....till now! phew!

You guys know I'm always getting sent product - from fashion to home to beauty. And as always, I love hosting giveaways for my readers to indulge & familiarize themselves with products they may or may not have tried out before.

So, enter the giveaway below and best of luck to you all! And if you don't end up a winner for this caboodle of swag, don't get your panties in a bunch because there's another giveaway to follow this one....and just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day.



xo Vanessa


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Friday, December 9, 2016

DIY...more like FML

They look pretty damn amazeballs don't they? And as I marvel at my glistening Christmas tree I am proud of my hard work. It paid off. It better have. Because hard work it was indeed. Ok, well, maybe not hard. But long and tedious and slightly miserable. 

So, if you keep up with me via the blog or my various social channels, you are already know that DIY projects are not what I am typically getting myself into. "Do It Yourself" has never seemed appealing in any aspect, much less crafty things. But, I put negativity aside and pushed optimism to the forefront and decided one night I was going to make my own Christmas ornaments. And they were going to be spectacular! 

Obviously I didn't come up with this idea. Not remotely possible. I Google'd "DIY Christmas ornaments" and various articles popped up, none of which impressed. Almost all the DIY's looked pretty lame. Like ornaments your 7 year-old might bring home from school during December arts & crafts projects at school. While that's cute, cute is not what I wanted for my glam tree. So, when I stumbled on an image of these lovely gold-leafed balls, I was sold. I knew what I was going to do.

For reference, you can check out the original DIY for this project done by The Sweetest Occasion here. Her tutorial was so simple. God bless her. Because in theory, this DIY is totally simple. Assuming you're only making 5-6, even 10 of these ornaments. Keep it under 10 and hell, this project might even be considered fun! But Lord help me....I don't know how many I had to make, but I had to make enough to cover my 7-foot Christmas tree...and this honey didn't have any of Santa's elves at her disposal to get the job done. 

When you have a lot of ornaments to make, and it's a process, you realize what you really needed was an assembly line:
STEP 1: Squirt a little paint inside the ornaments and shake 'em around real good, adding little squirts as necessary to completely coat the inside of the ornaments. Let them dry. Typically dries overnight. Some of mine did not totally dry. Oh well.

STEP 2: Lightly brush on the special tacky stuff where ever you are gonna want to apply the gold leaf. Let the stuff dry 10 minutes until tacky. Note I call it "tacky stuff". I still don't know what exactly it is. Just go to the paint section of your craft store and you'll see it along with sheets of gold leaf. I just bought whatever was in the Martha Stewart collection for this sort of undertaking. Stick with Martha because on the back of the packaging she literally tells you all the products you'll need to be fully prepped for your project.

STEP 3: Apply the gold leaf and brush it smooth to cover any tacky surfaces, brushing off any excess.

STEP 4: Spray the ornaments with a clear sealer. Let them dry.

STEP 5: Not necessary but of course I felt the need to further complicate my life. And so I spray painted all the ornament caps gold because they came in silver. And silver just wasn't gonna do it for me. Let those dry too and then carefully pop them back on to your finished ornaments.

STEP 6: Hang on tree. Step back. Admire. Take a shot of tequila. Make that 2 shots. And proclaim how you are never, ever doing this shit again......till next Christmas!

*disclaimer - What I failed to mention was the part in between steps 3 and 4. The part where I was moving the ornaments to an area where I could spray them with a coat of sealer. The part where I carefully tried to walk them over and one of the glass ones fell. Shattered. And not only was there glass everywhere, but there was minty green wet paint splattered across the floor too. Did I mention this was all happening at about 1am? FML.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

for the love of all things gold & pleated

Because who doesn't need a golden, pleated skirt? I've been on the hunt for months & finally caved on this deep golden, satiny one from Isn't it just delicious?! I love how it looks. I love it feels. I love how it moves. Suffice to say, for $44 this was a deal. Link to purchase the skirt I'm wearing above HERE!

And I've included links to some other golden/metallic pleated skirts I've got my eye on...

Happy Shopping! 



Tuesday, November 1, 2016


By far my most fun Halloween costume. And it was only $29.99. Because it was meant for a 10 what. Who cares.... 

After a boozy brunch, some friends convinced me I needed this costume at Marshalls. And that was one of the best boooozy decisions ever!

I wore comfy sweat pants underneath and appropriately ballet pink Tieks flats to match.

Cake anyone?

So, let's discuss my hair and makeup. Because A. I hardly ever do both. And B. I hardly ever do both because I don't really know what I'm doing.

But it looks good, right??


Below you'll find a "key" if you will, to exactly what all the products used are.

1- Exsens Paris Dry Glittering Body & Hair Glam Oil c/o 

2- Scunci Gold Hair Shimmer c/o

3- Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara c/o influenster

4- iBeauty gold makeup brushes from Marshalls

5- Revlon Liquid Eye Liner

6- Smashbox Brow Tech Eye Brow Shaping Powder in Taupe c/o Beautycon

7- NYX Cosmetics Setting Spray c/o Beautycon

8- YSL Touche Eclat Blur Glittering Primer

9- Marc Jacobs Spotlight Glow Stick Highlighter c/o influenster

10- Kat Von D. Lock-it Concealer Creme in Neutral + Brush #40 c/o influenster

11- Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation in Petal

12- NARS Lipstick color "Vanessa"

13- NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in "Coeur Sucre"

14- Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel c/o Beautycon

15- Colourpop Stole the Show Super Shock Cheek is a pearalized highlighter I use as eyeshadow...cuz I totally thought that's what it I said, don't usually know what I'm doing. I just go for it.

16- NARS Bronzer in "Laguna" 

17- NARS Blush in "Orgasm"

I love all the products I used above and stand by all of them. Definitely shoot me questions about how or why I use anything you saw. I'll be happy to give you my non-expert opinion!

And as always, thanks to my sponsors who send me the greatest products to try out:

Exsens Paris

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend, dressing up and turning it up or dressing down and hiding out from the kiddies.

Happy November!


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