Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Unboxing my 1st ever FabFitFun Box!

I thought about it and I thought about it and finally I think one of the girls from Vanderpump Rules got me feelin like I needed to sign up for FabFitFun. Leave it to Instagram to hand out heavy doses of fomo.

So when you sign up in between seasons you get a box filled with the editors faves called the Editor's Box. It's pretty sweet too. The contents totaled up to a retail value of somewhere between $320-$356.00. I was impressed. GREAT quality products and brands. And mainly I was excited to try out products from brands I'd heard of but hadn't experienced yet. 

My faves from this box? The Way of Will muscle soak bath salts are insane. And I say that with the best connotations. The rose-gold, bar-chain, drop earrings I selected by Summer & Rose are so perfectly simple and chic. They make me feel cool. Winner for sure. I haven't used the body buffer by Spongelle yet but DAAAAAMN. The Bulgarian-rose scent emanating from it has me practically salivating. It smells DIVINE. Very excited about the fun gym bag from Private Party and last but not least on my faves list, the BB Dakota reversible poncho is a nice touch. It's soft and perfect for our ever-ridiculous weather here in Cali. 80-degree days drop to 40-degree nights, so this poncho is a no-brainer. 

Needless to say, for my 1st box I'm thrilled. Watch the video below as I go through the box and show you each product as I open them and check them out. Who else loves FabFitFun?? Tell me what you think in the comments! Are you signing up?


Monday, January 29, 2018

Basically, you need this.

Color me impressed. Apparently this lazy Susan, swiveling cosmetic organizer is one of the most sought-after products on Amazon. And I can see what all the fuss is about. I LOVE it.

My bathroom is short on storage or maybe I just have a lot of product...either way, with my cabinets filling up, this awesome storage piece is a dream come true. It fits a lot. And it was a cinch to put together. The shelves are adjustable. And I love that I can see everything. The fact that it's on a lazy Susan base is a major bonus too. Price tag? $29.99. SOLD! Scroll down for more photos and the link to purchase.



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cannot live without this NEW hair tool by CHI

You've seen my posts to my social media channels showing off this video of me styling my hair in minutes using the very innovative CHI Air Spin N Curl. It's amazing. No exaggeration. If you haven't seen the video yet, watch and be mind-blown....

My mom said, "Where WAS this when I was young??"

Links to purchase this must-have hair-styling tool is below the video. 

Watch. Shop. Then get Styling!

1. Link to Purchase from: Bed, Bath & Beyond for $99 - CLICK HERE!

2. Link to Purchase from: Kohl's for $99 - CLICK HERE!

* I put links to the 2 stores the tool is currently available from because it sells out FAST. It was available at Target, Sally Beauty & Macy's BUT SOLD OUT.



Sunday, November 26, 2017

Presents 'n stuff

Tis the season for spending a wad. And with Cyber Monday (aka my favorite holiday) upon us, I thought I'd gather up a quick list of stuff I love. Everything is absolutely shoppable via your computer since this is Cyber Monday-themed. Some of these things I already own and most I just want for myself. But everything here would definitely make someone happy come Christmas morning. 

Everything is numbered and linked to simplify your life. You're welcome. Per the usual, Happy Shopping & Saving my lovelies!

Disclaimer: If you haven't figured it out by now, Aveda's Shampure is my favorite scent. So fresh. So clean. I am beyond obsessed. And Aveda has made some great gift packages with my go-to scent. You cannot go wrong giving Aveda's Shampure scented products babes!

(includes the shamps, condish & amazing scented candle)

So, don't wait around to scoop these. I love A&F. I already own a navy satin version of these jammies so get your SHOP on because their pajamas are selling

w/ Bloomie's Cyber Sunday/Monday 25% OFF SALE. Discounts are acknowledged at checkout btw. Bloomie's girl for life!

is a must-have. For body or hair. You'll smell like you just left the Aveda salon.

So act fast. This is too cute!

is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. I have both these products. Big shocker...I actually bought the HUGE bottle of body wash because I like to go big or go home.

with Bloomie's 25% OFF Cyber SALE happening NOW! 
A. Gold B. Chic C. an iPhone charger!

and what a great gift!

is not on sale...although come Monday it might be. Regardless, this is purported to be one of the BEST robotic vacuums in the industry. There is a version of this one on sale for $350 but I want the newest model so of course it's pricey. But probably so effing worth it...I want this so bad SANTA!! I mean who doesn't want a robotic vacuum?!

AND Target. Same sale price. But I've linked to Bloomie's because IF you happen to have a Bloomie's card, you get points on every purchase and well, it's all about those points honey....and NO, this post is NOT sponsored by Bloomingdale's. It's just my preferred department store.

Literally my NEW FAVORITE THING. I'm so impressed. If you saw my fab hairdo in those Thanksgiving posts on Instagram, THIS TOOL is what I used on my hair. I can't say enough about it. 

because my list wouldn't be complete without something from ZARA, naturally. I actually scooped this one for myself during ZARA's annual Black Friday sale at 30% off BUT at under $100 I still think it's a must-have.

Be still my heart. I've wanted this one for so long it hurts...Santa?

and if you haven't tried a pair, you're 100% missing out. I just popped into their outpost at Stanford shopping center yesterday to buy another pair. Absolutely the MOST comfortable underwear there ever was. No exaggeration. Shoot me if I'm wrong. But I'm not.

at Glamour and Glow Boutique...who BTW is having a Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF SALE. I own this baby. I love this baby. And the compliments on it abound. I basically want everything by Christine Elizabeth Jewelry.

are too FUN! Just wait till you see bae and I in our custom set. Matching undies are fun ANYTIME but especially fun during the holidays. DesignsBiK is THE spot for custom embroidery. Nuff said!


Monday, October 30, 2017

Breaking the Rules with AVEDA

Seems like everyone's going back to their roots for Fall, right? It's typical to bid farewell to lightened locks and embrace the cooler weather with darker tones. But not me. I decided to break the rules this time around. 

When Atelier Aveda Salon & Barber Shop in Willow Glen approached me about working together, I was thrilled to jump at the chance of a great partnership. I mean, we all know how much I adore being an Aveda ambassador because their products are the tops. So, when we discussed a hair transformation of some type, I said let's go big or go home!

I wanted to have fun with this. Step outa the proverbial box. And toss aside the idea that I should darken my hair for Fall/Winter. Besides, there's nothing I love more than crisp Winter whites. So, light, bright and super blonde was the way to go! And Lindsay Castillo (@hairbylindsay_) was totally on board to volunteer her services for a long day of transformation. And long it was. 7 hours long, to be exact.

If you're having a total WTF moment, let me explain why it took 7 hours. To get my strands to practically platinum blonde status, it took not 1 but 2 Balayage treatments. So, she foiled my hair. Let it sit for about an hour. Washed. Dried. Then, went back and foiled my strands a second time. Plus Olaplex! She also applied a toner which sat for a hot minute. And then she washed and dried and styled to finish off. It's a process. 

But take note: she would not have foiled my hair twice if she knew my hair wouldn't have been able to handle so much processing in one day. Luckily, I have strong hair because I always take the utmost care of it. And I could handle a full day of processing.

As you can see, if you watched the video above, I managed to squeeze 7 hours into a sped-up 5-minute video. This was a lot of fun. Atelier Aveda Willow Glen also decided to have Sherry Furr (@hairbySherFurr) do a quick makeup application, using all Aveda products, naturally, to complete the transformation. How perfectly convenient to get your hair done AND your makeup done all in one place. I walked into the salon with boring hair and devoid of makeup but left looking like a whole new woman! Yassssss



Now, let's discuss the details, the price tag for a full day of transformation. Because I know you're wondering what exactly something of this caliber entails.


Balayage x 2 = $500
Olaplex x 2 = $70 (Olaplex is a must to protect hair!)
Shadow root + Toner = $130
Blow dry + styling + scalp massage + hand massage is complimentary w/ services.


Application = $75

So, was it pricey? Yes. But professionalism comes at a price. And when you're dealing with your hair, you can't afford to screw around. You want the best? You go to the best. And the best are at Aveda. You can never go wrong using Aveda products and going to Aveda stylists. They know their shit. Always on top of the latest trends and procedures and Atelier Aveda in Willow Glen is no exception. Their facility and expertise is nothing short of the best AND since they are amazing.....we've got SPECIAL DEALS JUST FOR MY LOCAL BAY AREA READERS!!


----> MENTION "SHOP SAVE SEQUIN" WHEN YOU BOOK A COLOR + CUT COMBO AND RECEIVE A FREE HAIR MISTER! ($35 VALUE) - Hair misters are basically perfume specifically for your hair and you have a few different scents to choose from! They're fabulous.


- Purchase my lip gloss as seen above (Aveda "Mulled Plum" $19) HERE! Because who doesn't love a dark lippy for Fall!

- Purchase the Aveda Blue Malva conditioner $22 HERE! Because BLUE shamps and condish are a MUST for platinum blondes.



1047 LINCOLN AVE. SUITE 101 & 202

(408) 293-3494

*Be sure to check out other fun transformations via their Instagram page HERE!



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