Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What's up with these bull shit "What NOT to wear past age 30" articles?

I am notoriously not a fan of being 32. And even less thrilled about my impending 33rd birthday come end of next month. Everyone who's older than me feels the need to balk about my lack of enthusiasm on being in my 30s....meanwhile anyone who's 20 feels the need to pity my current status, as if I've come down with a bout of West Nile or something.

"What are you talking about?? 30! You're young! You're a baby!"

"30! Oh come on! I loved my 30s. Best years."

"You don't even look 30 so who cares?" 

These statements are usually accompanied by a healthy dose of side-eye.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate all the knowledge I've managed to amass in my 32 years. I'm okay with being in this 3rd decade of my journey. Other than my ass not being anywhere near as cute and perky as it was when I was 20 [or the fine lines creepin' in around my eyes when I dare to enjoy life] 32 isn't the worst.

I suppose my cynicism can be attributed in part to being divorced and having 0 children. I mean, I have a child. He's got 4 legs, he's hairy, he's about 80 years old and definitely needy as can be. Human kiddies? Still a viable option that remains yet to be seen...

Anyway, my point is that we 30-somethings have enough bull shit to worry about to then have to deal with "What not to wear past your prime" articles.

Lately, I can't help it. These silly reads keep popping up, almost always annoying me when one catches my attention as I mindlessly scroll through my feeds. 

Have you ever actually invested any time reading any of these articles? I mean you'd think that turning 30 was a damn death sentence. Hi. I'm 32. And according to some reads, I've already got one foot in the grave. Which is exactly what you'd believe if you actually adhered to any of the silly wardrobe rules strange people have put out there.

Here are some shining examples:

- "There are certain shoe styles completely inappropriate for women in their 30s to wear; saddle shoes and flat Mary Janes fall on the list. They just look a bit immature and creepy on women past a certain age." - excerpt from WhoWhatWear.com's "25 Items You Definitely Need To Toss By Age 30"

According to WWW these styles are "little girl shoes"....guess they haven't seen my Brian Atwood Mary Janes....

Saddle shoes? WHO have you ever even seen wearing saddle shoes other than 6 year olds and equestrians?? Not sure why those are an example.

What offends is the assertion that I look "immature & creepy" wearing my flat Mary Janes? Excuuuuuse me? Mary Janes are probably one of the only flats you can wear at any age because they are classy. Failing to see the "creepy" factor, but thanks WhoWhatWear for that little nugget of utter stupidity.

- "Crop Top. Doesn't matter how much Zumba or Pilates or Yoga you do - if you're over 30, no one who doesn't share a bed with you wants to see your stomach." - excerpt from SheFinds.com's "50 Things You Just Should Not Own If You're Over The Age Of 30"

First of all, ouch! Who writes such nonsense? Crop tops come in different lengths, so slow your roll SheFinds.com...once again, 30 does not = 60. If you work hard or don't (in my case) and you look good, and the outfit is on point, then who the fuck cares?! Crop top it up baby. The ACTUAL un-said rule with crop tops in your 30s, and beyond, is it's all good, just so long as your belly button is covered. So, whatever you pair that crop top with, the bottom should be high-waisted. Because indeed, 20 we are not. 30, chic & fabulous we most certainly are!

- "Overalls. Yes, they were trendy. No, you cannot pull them off." - another gem from the same SheFinds.com article

Let's get one thing straight here. Overalls are overalls. You see babies wearing them on the playground and you see grannies wearing them while they tend to their gardens. Overalls are awesome no matter what. NO, I wouldn't wear them out to dinner Friday night. And NO, I wouldn't wear them to a job interview. But I will tell you where I wear MY overalls: the grocery store, Target, the beach, working outside in my greenhouse, running stupid errands at places where no one gives a damn about my overalls possibly being a so-called fashion faux pas. Get my drift? I think we are fully aware that overalls don't exactly accentuate our best features...but gimme a break? Typically, when MY overalls make a cameo, I can assure you my intention while getting dressed that day was not to impress. 

And the lists go on...I should also not ever go braless, use glittery nail polish, wear graphic tees, sequin pants?? hoop earrings??? 

Holy shit. I may as well join a convent. Because these suggestions sound a whole lot like the uniform rules back when I was in Catholic private school. No thanks.

Here I am in full-on fashion faux-pas mode...crop top + overalls...gasp!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

something extraordinary...

In a world where everything is easily accessed on our cell phones at an instant's notice, there seems to be little need for the antiquated wrist-watch. I mean if I'm too busy to even glance at my phone to reference the time, I can now talk to my phone and ask her what time it is and receive a response accordingly. It's 2016. I expect nothing less.

Personally, I've never been one to wear a watch on the regular. Even before the technological advances of late. I think I probably just asked people what time it was, expecting they had a watch. And come to think of it, I have a nice, pretty, sparkly watch sitting in my jewelry box...she rarely makes it out.

Well, if you've been following me on social media lately, you've been noticing me wearing a wrist-watch. And it's not flashy and sparkly. It's actually hardly noticeable at all since it kinda blends into my skin tone. I actually discovered a watch that I love to wear. Every day.

JORD Watches fell into my lap and at first glance I paid them no attention until I realized that these watches are made extraordinarily of 100% wood. I was intrigued. Always on the hunt for something unique and cool, I was more than happy to check out the 100% Maple wood "Cora" series in silver. And she does not disappoint. Spectacular. These luxurious watches are truly that. From the packaging (which is a wooden keepsake box of course) to the actual product, I'm thoroughly impressed. You can actually see the watch ticking away with all its tiny parts, on the underside of the watch. 

When I first received the watch, I happened to be hosting a dinner party that night and the watch quite literally became the showpiece. Everyone wanted to look at it...especially the GUYS...

Which brings me to Father's Day. And you're thinking, ugghhh...I don't know...a watch is so typical. But no my friends. Not this watch. These are not typical. And what a truly cool present to give your dad, your husband, your brother, your son...whoever! Hell, scoop one for yourself while you're at it. Because no doubt when you actually see the watch in person you're going to have to have one. JORD also provides custom sizing (with an easy way to measure online) plus they'll send you the extra links in case the sizing is off. AND order by June 14th to get guaranteed delivery in time for Father's Day.

Everything has been thought of and these watches make an elegant, freakin cool gift....dare I say I want another one....I mean you know, for my different moods! :)

The "Cora" watch is now a part of my daily accessory arsenal. And not just because it looks cool...I can actually tell time now when my cell phone dies...lol. So, major gracias to JORD Watches.


All thoughts & opinions are mine.
Cool Watches

Monday, May 23, 2016

A shamelessly cute form of self-promotion? Maybe.

Hats By Olivia

Now, granted I got MY hat custom-made to promote my social media handles, but you can get YOUR hat made to say whatever you like. They are made to order by Etsy shop owner Olivia Luko and 'Hats by Olivia' is the name of her game. These are a season must-have. Mine was $70 (shipping included). A quality hat with a wide brim, easy to manipulate and a sequin message to make it fun. Pom-poms came on the style I chose but there are hats sans pom-poms. 




Anthropologie sells a hat by designer Eugenia Kim that is practically a dead-ringer for 'Hats By Olivia'...the main difference? The Eugenia Kim version is $500. Hats By Olivia start at $60. 

Can we say Shopping, Saving & Sequins?! 


Friday, May 20, 2016

I paid $8 for each of these dresses. Yes, you read that right.

Sometimes it pays off to scavenge the clearance section at Target. Because as if Target's prices weren't budget friendly enough, their clearance section prices will blow your mind. As in the case of these two Xhileration dresses. Each one cost me about $8.65. For real. I walked out of Target with TWO Summer dresses for under $20.

If that's not the ultimate shopping & saving I don't know what is. Moral of this fashion story? Peep that clearance section!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Diamonds are forever....

I woke up with diamonds on my mind...and it's no wonder. In light of tonight's anniversary party at Vardy's Jewelers in Cupertino, I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself on ALL things diamonds. And since it is the season for engagements and weddings, Israel Diamonds provided me with everything I need to know...

Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes: 

The Times Are Changing

Selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring to present while popping the big question delivers more choices than many realize. While a simple, sparkling round-cut diamond with a stunning solitaire or multi-stone setting remains a classic engagement option, a number of other diamond shapes are growing in popularity courtesy of the distinct visual presentations they deliver.

Couples will find a tremendous selection of non-round diamond engagement rings is available to them due to the growing popularity of these less traditional diamond shapes. While clarity, carat size and color should still factor into the selection process, of course, when it is time to make a final ring choice, diamond shape also matters. 

Picking the “perfect” shape is quite truthfully a matter of preference. Each of the more popular shapes today, including that classic round shape, are all stunning in their own regard. Here are just a few of the non-round diamond shape options that have been attracting a great deal of attention as of late courtesy of their unique appearances and brilliant presentations:

Princess cut diamonds – Fit for royalty as its name suggests, this square-shaped diamond makes a stunning choice. Princess cut diamonds work beautifully in multi-gem ring designs, but also stand beautifully on their own in a solitaire setting. The princess cut tends to be the most popular non-round shape.

Marquise shape diamonds – The marquise shape delivers a truly brilliant presentation. With its tapered points and gentle rounded edges, this shape diamond can maximize carat weight by making the stone look larger. The distinct shape works beautifully as a solitaire, but truly sparkles with round or pear-shaped stones on its side.

Emerald cut – This classic shape for the emerald also translates beautifully to diamonds. With its rectangular shape and pavilion-style appearance, the emerald cut diamond is very popular for engagement rings and creates a stunning presentation on its own while also standing out spectacularly in a multi-stone setting.

Cushion cut – This diamond shape stands out as distinct with its rounded corners. Also known as a “pillow cut,” this shape of diamond can range from rectangular to square. This shape serves as an eye-catching centerpiece in a multi-stone ring, but can present brilliantly all on its own.
Non-round shape diamonds are surging in popularity because of the visual differences they deliver. While the princess, marquise, emerald and cushion cuts are among the most sought-after, there are many other options to consider. When it is time to select that perfect ring to symbolize what is in the heart, remember color, clarity, cut and carat size should all play a role. In regard to shape, personal preference should be the guiding light as each option is truly spectacular in its own right.


Now the only question is...which diamonds should I wear to the party tonight....