Thursday, June 28, 2018

What I Wore - Palm Springs Edition

Lot's of compliments & questions on the details of my Palm Springs wardrobe this past trip.

While some things may be sold out, HERE you'll find LINKS to everything I could possibly muster up for you! 

And it's SUMMER! So, don't think about it too long...get shopping before it's gone! Links to outfits and luggage below.

From the airport straight to dinner...with just a change of my shoes!


Some links in this post contain Target affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Thank You. Happy Shopping & Saving!


Monday, June 25, 2018

A Pretty Mess

A totally fitting title to this blog post. 
Because The Sands Hotel & Spa was just that - A Pretty Mess.

While aesthetically very lovely, this place basically just needs to get its shit together. I mean I'm just going to get to the point and per the usual be honest. This place is GORGEOUS. Instagram-worthy to say the least. BUT the service was off on every level...

We checked-in to a jaw-dropping Moroccan-inspired lobby. It really is magnificent. The staff was rather dry greeting us. And we were reminded that there is no splashing at the pool...ok. Obviously, not a child-friendly resort which is a plus in my book. 

We were promptly escorted to the adorable room my sister, my bestie and I would be sharing for the bachelorette sister was getting married in a few short weeks and I thought a quick spa/lounging getaway was in order.

The Sands has only been open a couple months at this point and I can't help but gravitate to the millennial pink aesthetic...

Our room is very cute and comfortable. Although at about $420/night (including fees, taxes) we were gobsmacked to realize that there was no room service. There is a button on the room phone that calls down to the restaurant but it just rings and no one answers.

Room service meant one of us physically going down to The Pink Cabana (the on-site restaurant) and ordering with the hostess and requesting the order be brought up to our room. A bit inconvenient, no? 

Let's talk about The Pink Cabana restaurant...

After some relaxing massages at the spa, we showered and headed down for happy hour cocktails. Unfortunately, my very first glass of Taittinger Champagne was flatter than a door nail...and the crappy part was the bartender realized this as she poured me a glass. Basically, she saw the look of dismay on my face as I pushed the glass back towards her and she admitted she needed to open a fresh bottle. Ugh....could we not have done this when I ordered? I got a fresh glass from a new bottle and all was well. But least the surroundings were glorious to say the least.

Once I made my way through 5 different conversations with 3 different front desk staff members, I was able to book appointments for my sister and I at the spa. And after all the difficulty from just making the appointments to getting our robes/slippers for the spa delivered to our room in time for the appointments...I really needed that massage.

Yeah. You read that right. The problem was I would talk to one staff member who promised to get back to me and then wouldn't. Then I had to talk to a new person who had no clue of my previous requests and had to start the process all over...these minor inconveniences added up and made me feel like I was a nuisance when in reality they had a MAJOR lack of communication.

The spa was quite the sight to behold and probably worth the struggle it was to get in there...

But DO figure out when and what spa services you'd like to book asap after you check-in...that way you might avoid all the trouble I went through.

This is Palm Desert and the heat was exactly what we were here for. Soaking in the sun at the pool was what the doctor ordered. We are all early-risers so grabbing a cabana was no problem.

And while obtaining a pool-side cabana was no problem, we were quick to realize that what would be an issue was getting service...yet again. Unfortunately, as The Pink Cabana does not serve breakfast, it does not open till 11am. So, you are shit outa luck for food and beverages till the afternoon hits...and believe you me when I tell you nobody seemed thrilled about this...cannot tell you how many people we saw ordering via Uber Eats! Good thing we had bought plenty of water bottles when we left the airport, before we checked-in. You can never have enough water in the desert.

God bless you Uber Eats because we were the only ones enjoying mimosas...I mean hello! This was a bachelorette soiree. Drinks are a must for breakfast....ALMOST forgot...let me explain the no breakfast thing.

The Sands assert that they may not have a typical breakfast option at The Pink Cabana but not to stress because they offer morning muffins, fruit and coffee in the lobby.

Well, our very first morning walking to the lobby to get these muffins, we watched as a fellow guest dropped her muffins on the ground, trying to juggle them and her coffee...oh god...

The muffins were good but we were shocked to find a dismal display. A few muffins with a few pieces of fruit in a basket. And the coffee was nothing to write home about. No juice. No dishes. No trays. What the hell...THIS is the continental breakfast they assert on the website. At this point let me remind you we paid $420 a night. You get a better meal at a Holiday Inn.

Not one to stick to hotel food anyway, we took my sister to one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Palm Springs. LuLu's is a must people. Their decor is fun. Their menu is extensive. And everything is so good. AND they're open late. Never a disappointment here. Order the chocolate'll thank me later.

So, in the end we made it work. But we were not impressed. Our surroundings while exquisite, did not make up for the lack of service and lack of communication among the front-desk staffers.

The cleaning lady who tidied our room every day was a sweetheart and the bell hops were gracious and helpful. And credit should be given where credit is due.

I wanted to do this post because this hotel is quickly gaining popularity on Instagram for obvious reasons. But right now, The Sands is just a pretty mess. Maybe give it a shot in a year. Perhaps by then they'll have worked out all the kinks.


44-985 Province Way
Indian Wells, California 


Friday, May 4, 2018

Addicted to Kristin Ess


So, this past Winter, I gave out Kristin Ess travel-sized hair products to like every lady on my list. For Christmas, and Christmas only, Target distributed Kristin Ess mini's and I was obsessed. ALL my ladies who received the mini's got their first intro to Kristin Ess and they LOVED it.

Fast forward and today, Kristin Ess has become a staple in my bathroom. I was already using her purple shamps and condish, the leave-in conditioner spray and the deep-conditioning hair mask when I decided to give the rose-gold, wash-in-tint a try.....OBSESSED.



Easy-peasy wash it in and it washes right out. For me, it only took one wash and it was practically all out. By the second wash, it was like it never happened. How fun is that for a temporary change?

First, I washed my hair w/ regular old shampoo. THEN, I used an Aquis hair towel to soak up as much water out of my hair as possible. Once I got as much water soaked up as possible, I sprayed in the rose-gold tint. Sprayed it allllll over, sections, underneath, up top...SPRAY, SPRAY, SPRAY! 

This is really easy to do people...don't think you need a mirror and precise sprays. I just angled the shower head the opposite direction while I saturated my hair with the tint. And don't worry, I have an ALL-WHITE tile shower and the rose-gold tint got everywhere and washed right off. No biggie.

Spray as much or as little as you want. I let it soak in for a couple minutes and then proceeded to rinse, add conditioner, rinse again and donezo!


Because I'm addicted I'm obviously sharing the links to ALL Kristin Ess hair products that I currently use. The best part? They're all at Target which means they're ALL affordable. As if there weren't enough reasons to heart Tarjay...Kristin Ess is the bomb-diggity baby! 


Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint ($12) 

Kristin Ess Purple (FOR BLONDES!)

Conditioner ($12) CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask ($14) 

Kristin Ess Leave-in Conditioner Spray ($10)

Disclosure Statement: 

The links in this post contain Target affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.


Friday, April 20, 2018


Welcome to the Macy's Backstage experience! And I am definitely here for the roll-out of this awesome concept. Macy's sees you. Macy's hears you. And now they are incorporating your needs and wants via the Backstage concept...Slowly though...not EVERY Macy's has the Backstage section just yet. So before you go, find out which of your local stores is Backstage equipped. 

So, WHAT is this Macy's Backstage?? Does anyone remember Loehmann's? Good 'ol Loehmann's had a section in the back of their stores called "The Backroom". And everything in the "Backroom" was exquisite and expensive......well, Macy's backroom is called "Backstage" and the best part is everything is AFFORDABLE. It's like the the "Backroom" but instead of everything being out of your price-range, everything in Macy's Backstage is priced to walk out the door honey.

The nice crew over at the Newpark Mall Macy's graciously invited me last week to tour and shop the premier of the new Macy's Backstage. So, for my local NorCal babes looking to shop this new concept, head out to Newark because the Newpark Mall Macy's is one of the only West coast stores to premier the Backstage experience. 

So, they invited me to shop and SHOP I did. They gave me $200 and said let's see what she can do with that! Ha! I did that gift card justice. Literally shopped till I dropped. If you watched my insta-stories that day you know I definitely took my time and canvassed every inch Backstage...I didn't want to miss a beat! And even now as I sit here typing I'm planning my next rendezvous Backstage...because there is so much product. And once something is gone, they will not be getting it back. The idea Backstage is to not only keep things in-trend and affordable, but FRESH and NEW! So they will constantly be bringing in new things to keep us coming back. I like it.

Obvi I definitely bought this denim top. And it was priced at $24.99!!! I tried on a lot and ended up with some great pieces for Spring/Summer. AND I got stuff for the house too. Keep in mind, as I show you everything I got, that it ALL came home with me for $200...






I meeeean, is this a HAUL or is this a HAAAAAUUUULLL?! Exact purchase came to 8 items for $209.92 (pre-tax) with Cali tax (ewww) my total came to $231.48. Taxes or not, I think it's safe to say I did GOOOOOOOD honey. Yassssss...

SO...let's have some fun! Shopping & Saving is more fun when you're shopping with a gift card you WON! Below you'll find a video re-capping my Macy's Backstage experience where I shopped quite literally till I dropped AND a $100 Macy's Gift Card Giveaway!!

Please NOTE: The Giveaway is open to USA entries only. The gift card will be good to use in any Macy's location and on Macy's website. But spending it at Macy's Backstage will definitely give you the most bang for your buck...juuuus sayin'.


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